Friday, January 30, 2009

Bonnie, where are you?

Definitely an exhibit of a long gone era...

The Godsend at EIGHT suburban drive-ins.

Now, it'd be lucky to see a DVD release.

Where the hell did they find Wilhelmina Green, who played the scary as all fuck "Bonnie", the story's female villainette? As a Creepy Kid, she was a keeper. Her only other credit is an episode of the Hammer House of Horror TV series: Children of the Full Moon. This kid should have been given her own series!
Unlike Last Rites, the appalling vampire flick that it was paired with, The Godsend ('80) is a reasonably interesting fright film. It is faithful to Bernard Taylor's excellent '76 novel and is technically polished; the writer previously penned the chilling Sweetheart, Sweetheart.

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