Friday, January 16, 2009

First Love

When I was 12, I met and fell in love with Yutte Stensgaard. She was from Denmark, and she was kindly introduced to me by Alan Frank, the author of "Horror Movies" and "Monsters and Vampires". With the exception of a radiant, dark-skinned beauty named Linda Higgs (who drank RC Cola and was my first unofficial girlfriend), Yutte wasn't like the other girls at school. She was older, a lot more mature and worldly, and she did interesting things like drinking blood. I hadn't met many girls who did that.

What I understood about life was that vampires were men and women were their victims, or brides. Dracula was a man, right?, and so was Count Yorga, a vampire I'd recently become acquainted with. Yorga surrounded himself with women. One of them even ate a cat. But that didn't make her a vampire, it made her hungry. It made her interesting, too. Some of Yorga's women had fangs, but that was only because Yorga had bitten them.

Yutte was a modern girl with a difference -- like the men, she kissed and bit other women. That made her a fully-fledged vampire in my book -- not a vampire's victim, but a real, card-carrying vampire. The more I saw of Yutte, the more attracted I was to her. I didn't seem to mind that she kissed other women. On the contrary, I liked it a lot.

Two things that Yutte possessed that the girls at school didn't possess were breasts. Yutte's were always slathered in blood. So much blood. They were swollen, they were pretty, and they weren't hidden in a thing called a "bra". I didn't know much about bras, but I did know that they were made to hide breasts. Fortunately, Yutte, being Danish, would have none of that. She had no reason to hide breasts; she showed them off proudly instead, and was even more proud of the fact that they were covered in blood.

Although time passed and non-vampire girls came into and out of my life, Yutte always remained in my heart. I discovered that there were more beautiful women like Yutte who enjoyed kissing and biting other women. Many were European and could be found in a magazine called "Continental Films". I also discovered that other young boys also had Yutte in their hearts. I guess she was able to be in many places at once. Vampires are like that.

"Lust For A Vampire", the '71 film directed by Jimmy Sangster for Hammer, was not one of the studio's best. Even though Yutte was in it, the director failed to make the most of her beauty and sensuality; the film's erotic aspects were surprisingly undercooked. Fortunately, the studio would redeem its erotic resume with "Twins of Evil", a tale of two beautiful sisters.

For me, Yutte Stensgaard IS Erotic Vampire Cinema, and she was my first love, an idealistic love that transcended time, space, and reality.

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