Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Planner

Toshio Saeki speaks a language requiring no translation.

Every morning when I wake up, I leaf through a Saeki book, then I start my day.

From the first edition of Toshio Saeki - The Early Works (1997)

Published by Treville Co., Ltd.

With essays by Catherine Robbe-Grillet, Akira Uno, and Goro Yamada

What's he up to?

Whatever it is, it's fine by me.


  1. God, I like his early works more than all other.
    It's just so damn hard to get his books here.
    Well at the moment there is a new one coming out Onikage: The Art of Toshio Saeki ..don't know when exactly

  2. Missesgrim -- he is the Ultimate. He has no peer.

    No new book is out in March.