Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Show That Must Never End

The visiting gentlemen hang on every word of the deformed man.

More unique, artistic delicacies from All Misemono: Last Freak Show ('97), the collection of Carlos Yamazaki's sideshow banner art.

She is so nimble and beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.

I have always envied the two-headed.

A man with a baby helicopters into a village where a woman has embraced her inner savagery.

Is she the mother of his child? Or is this a jungle adoption racket?

And who's piloting the helicopter? Hitler?

It's highly likely. Since faking his death, the need to supplement his income has been fierce.

The juxtaposition of the monkey and the trapeze artists is fascinating and sad.

The animal appears troubled by the sight of humans performing acts that are perfectly natural to him... and equally worthy of applause.

Instead, he is required to balance on a ball like a buffoon.

He knows what it is to be underestimated and disrespected.

The real deal below.

A portrait of man on the edge of resolve.


  1. Thanks so much for posting these.

  2. Glad you appreciated it, d.

    I can't get enough of stuff like this.