Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Potent Art of de Mullotto (Strong Material)

I stumbled on the work of de Mullotto when I was gathering the works of FE Campbell and Robert Bishop. de Mullotto's illustrations grace the covers of paperbacks from House of Milan and Bizarre Library/Star Distributors.

The story, credited to Turk Winter, opens with this:

Mark of the Master, de Mullotto's illustrated S/M horror story of a young woman kidnapped by a Satanic cult, piqued my interest with its graphic, powerful imagery.

I don't remember paying $8 for it. More like $48.

These illustrations certainly provide a contrast to Bishop's more evocative, lyrical work.

The plot involves Satan's search for a Queen. Being Satan, he has unorthodox courting methods:

Much of this feels and reads like a lurid porno paperback.

I find the artist's illustration odd but fascinating.

It's not surprising at all that de Mullotto joined forces with Eric Stanton's New York City-based Stanton Archives after Stanton called the artist to express admiration for his work.

According to his website, de Mulotto produced 8000 drawings between '68 and '85.

Although S/M * B/D art are his passions, he also custom painted motorcycles and did many commissions for a loyal client base.

Recently, I came across some interesting computer-generated art that I suspected was the work of de mullotto. I was right.


Harder, nastier de Mullotto website at:

Softer site at:


  1. Love it, love it. Brings to mind some of those HOM and CCC pornos from the 70s. The previews at his extreme website show a real interest in genre oriented hard SM material. I'm not usually a fan of computer generated art erotic or otherwise but these are pretty different.

    I love this one, it's pretty detailed:

  2. Btw, any idea if that DOMINATRIX WITHOUT MERCY paperback is any relation to the Joe Davian (?? IMDB lists Shaun Costello as the director--is this even right??) Avon film?

  3. jervaise brooke hamsterApril 16, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    i liked nearly all the pictures in the above article, i will be masturbating to most of them in the next few weeks, by the way phantom, you are someone who obviously knows incredible amounts about popular culture in general so i was just wondering what your opinion was regarding the legend of heather o`rourke, for me she`s the greatest sex-symbol of all time, even greater than marilyn chambers.

  4. bh -- The legend of O'Rourke is interesting, but as far as "sex symbols" go, she's not high on my list.

    "Sex symbols" are very subjective.

    Glad you enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) the pics.


    d -- the DOMINATRIX WITHOUT MERCY book is very different to the Avon film. I'd say one of them borrowed the title.

    The Costello (?) film is certainly rough and sleazy, but it's not really an S/M film.

    It's interesting how violent pornography often defends itself as S/M. They really are two different things.

    S/M involves a consensual relationship. Violent pornography involving rape and demeaning acts does not.

    Even some of (German) Simon Thaur's scat-themed pornography (from Subway Innovative) is more S/M than most American violent porn because a relationship is established between dominants and submissives, and the boundaries are strict. His "Avantgaarde Extreme" films are recommended, but for strong stomachs only and very open minds.

    A lot of violent pornography, such as the DOMINATRIX WITHOUT MERCY film, is not really S/M. The book definitely is.

    I recently read that Khan Tusion's ROUGH SEX films (and HELLFIRE SEX) are S/M. I don't agree. They're violent pornography. They're mostly about men being cruel and nasty to women. There is obviously a market for it (Max Hardcore, Rob Black, etc.) Personally, I find it a bit depressing and boring after a while. The guys just come across as problematic bullies.

    To paraphrase "Videodrome", the work of Bishop, de Mullotto, and Simon Thaur is interesting because "it has a philosophy".

    A good dominatrix is always "without mercy", no?

    Ultimately, I am not the right one to rhapsodize too much about pure S/M because, although I am an admirer of its artistic aesthetics, I'm not personally into the scene.

  5. I remember buying MARK OF THE MASTER back in the 80's, loved the pictures, and still have it. I used the skull and candle pic as a party invitation couple of times. The shock value was priceless.

    Bob D

  6. anon -- definitely a good source of Clip Art.

    Subtle way to convey the tone of a party, too.

  7. name is Bridgette and im the model DeMulotto used for the girl on the left in the last pic.....De suffered a stroke a few years ago and im sorry to say he will never be able to provide us with any more of the wonderful images he was so famous for....the other model is named Diane......

  8. Dear Bridgette
    Thank you so much for dropping by and providing this information
    That's very sad to hear that deMulotto has suffered a stroke and is, I take it, now fairly incapacitated
    His art is unique and wonderful
    How did you get involved with his work?
    Would you care to answer some emailed questions? I'd be very interested to hear about your interest in this field and your interactions with the artist
    If you would be interested in a short discussion, my email is phantomofpulp at (replace with '@')
    My appreciation to you...
    Phantom (Mark)

  9. ...Bridgette again....minor correction, im the one on the RIGHT and Diane is on the for deMullottos condition, he has gradually improved through physical rehab....he is now able to correspond via emails and chats (we keep in touch) but will never be able to again create what you see here.....the reason for the name "deMullotto" is that when he began working in this theme (in the 60's) he was also a well known graphic artist in the entertainment industry, and as such really didnt need his career ruined.....

  10. Thanks are one of the art people who really know me. I find it hard to believe that all of these years have hat passed, but they have. I found that my art work reached its highest level with the combination of Poser 4 and photoshop. That is why the huge differance in my work. As of this date I am through with all my art work. The illness took all that away from me. But it is nice that some one remembers.


    1. Hello, Dee. It's nice to see that you are still around. I hope that you still enjoy thinking about that scene that I shared with you during our previous chats. It is a shame that you are not able to bring it to life in your unique style though.


  11. Mr. deMullotto -- thanks so much for posting here. This blog is humbled by your presence.


    Bridgette -- I tried emailing you at tac* today, but it bounced back several times.

  12. I remember Dee also, and on occasion get to chat with him online. I shall also miss his work because it was groundbreaking in so many ways. The world of BDSM would probably not have nearly the focus on quality and detail were it not for DeMullotto's cover art. He didn't hold back and I hope that others will take up the mantle of not holding back either. If you would like to chat Bridgette, I would enjoy corresponding with you as well. I'm out here in Afghanistan at the moment, but I can be reached via Yahoo Messenger at Sirius_Salvage or AIM at tekteam26, or by email at