Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rapist Rampage

I couldn't walk past this cover. Or the title. So I slapped down $27 and took my chances.

I still like the cover.

After Hours Cinema, a division of Alternative Cinema, has been issuing a torrent of rare X-rated fare lately. Their Forced Entry put the company on the map -- my map, at least.

I'd only recommend this for completists because both films are several notches below total crap.

Wet Wilderness ('75) is described by InvasionofPALs (on imdb) as "54 minutes of unpleasantness". He's right. It is unpleasant. But it's unpleasantness wears off quickly once boredom sets in.

An idiot guy with a stalking kit (ski mask and machete) attacks a family in the forest. He forces mom to couple with daughter, brother to couple with sister, etc. He does some killing, too. Most of the time, he does all these things standing in one place. He's the laziest rapist you'll ever meet.

Nothing that happens is visually interesting or the least bit dramatic. I Spit On Your Grave it is not.

The rape scenes are hardcore. There is nudity. There is pubic hair. Their is semen.

I repeat -- None of these things are one bit interesting.

The weirdest thing about this flick is the sound. It's too clean. It's like After Hours went and totally revoiced the entire film with one or two voice actors. Perhaps the "newly restored" print didn't come with a decent audio track. There are almost no background or folly effects. It's all dialog and terrible synth music.

"One of the most Sadean films of all time!" the back cover screams.

I would urge copywriters to go easy on the de Sade comparisons. The great French writer did not have this plodding, inept shit in mind when he pressed pen to paper.

The second feature, Come Deadly ('74), is another attempt at horror by hardcore porn filmmakers.

The only other film I can compare it to (plotwise) is Michel Soavi's very impressive Stagefright.

It's a feast of the most boring rapes you can ever imagine. Perhaps the authorities should show both these films to rapists. They depict rape as something so boring you do not want to exchange your freedom for it.

Speaking of the Marquis... If you really are looking for a truly Sadean experience, you will find it and so much more within the confines of Sperrgebiet 7.

I find the striking cover design to be a highly effective example of marketing to a very specialized niche. SG Video did put out a more explicit cover also, but this one works so much better.

The well chosen words on the back cover do a good job of understating the company's mission. A very good job.


  1. I agree on all points. The Sperrgebiet 7 cover is striking. I like it. It's simple but different.

    Wet Wilderness is complete tripe. I think you must be right about this newly dubbed soundtrack because Alpha-Blue pirated a VHS rip (b/w Barbarian Girls) several years back complete with a grubby, faded mix minus any synth score. I guess it doesn't matter as shit is still shit, never mind the new coat of paint.

  2. Not a lot of grey area in that mission statement, Phantom! Sounds pretty direct and to the point to me!

    Without having seen 'Sperrgebiet 7', would it be fair to say, in terms of actual content, they have stayed pretty much 'on message'?