Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Virgins Forever?

What I have to say about these two ladies is said by the picture.

Their sheer beauty compelled me to post.

They are Marie Liljedahl (from Joe Sarno's Inga), and Karin Schubert, and the still is from Hubert Frank's Willst du ewig Jungfrau bleiben? (Do You Want To Remain a Virgin Forever?, '69). Alternative English title was Flowers for a Virgin.

The stunning Liljedahl enjoyed a brief career; the dreamy Schubert made softcore and hardcore films, and was never less than hypnotic.

It's unlikely they remained virgins for long.

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  1. As you say; the image resonates.

    I refer to my comment in reply to your previous post, about the image over words.

    Let's just drink in the image for now...