Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Bronson, Is Good

I don't want to say anything that will spoil the experience of seeing it for the first time, but I do want to say that this film is fuckin' excellent.

It is hard and funny and riveting. It is based on the life of the man who is still Britain's most dangerous prisoner. He changed is name to Charles Bronson because it suited him. I'm happy to report that he lives up to it, thereby giving the late and great actor his due.

Director Nicholas Winding Refn previously made the Pusher films, which I didn't like much, and Fear X, a film I liked a lot. Bronson is his tightest piece of work.

Refn cites Kubrick as an influence. The smears of the late filmmaker are all over this piece. It is A Clockwork Orange that it most closely resembles. The juxtaposition of orchestral and ball-ripping electronic music with violent imagery, extreme slow motion, rigid composition, and barked streams of dialog feel very Kubrick-ian.

The film consciously or unconsciously references Sexy Beast, too, and you'll know what I speak of when you see it. Ben Kingsley's 'Don Logan' appears to inhabit the body of Charles Bronson in a couple of exchanges...

... and, composition-wise, there are further parallels.

Although Bronson borrows its presentation style from another portrait of a criminal, Chopper, it still manages to feel fresh and heartfelt.

Don't miss it.

Tom Hardy is magnificent as Bronson

An example of how fucked-up the world of cinema has become is the fact that this film is playing in just one cinema in Los Angeles while Couples Retreat plays in thousands. And this... in the so-called film capital of the world. Das Kapital of Krap perhaps!


  1. Tom Hardy looks a lot like Buck Angel on the one sheet.

  2. Lol i wasnt down with this movie until your assessment. Bronson is my favorite actor so it really bugged me when i saw the trail and read the premise, but if it does it justice i will HAVE to see it.

  3. d -- Buck Angel is a good comparison.


    The Man -- I would definitely give it the old college try. Charlie's memory is not trashed.


    Mandingo -- definitely worth the wait, my friend.