Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dogma Unleashes Its Latest

Tohjiro, who has been directing some of the world's most groundbreaking, taboo-pushing pornography for some years now, has unleashed a torrent of fresh product in the last couple of months including the plainly titled Enema, Jet Vomit starring Marin Izumi; the flick is another in the M-Drug series.

Japanese pornography is sweet seasoning for the sexual anthropologist, and, in a country not constrained by the barbed wire of religion, it conveys a direct line between mind and body.

Totally Virginal M has inspired this provocative image.

Starring Saki Tsuji (of No Bra Salon - The Ultimate Treatment), the director subjects the actress to every known kink and had her exclaiming in a post-orgasm interview: "I lost myself completely."

Bondage Chair - The Complete Works is a mind-bending compilation of the strongest scenes from the director's Bondage Chair Trance series.

I admire Tohjiro's brave choice to go chair-only in the art and leave the rest (and, believe me, the "rest" is something to write home about!) up to the imagination of the carnel connoisseur.

Tohjiro capped the year off with the penetrating Complete Body M (with Marin Minami) while simultaneously running the Tokyo-based adult shingle and overseeing a stable of individualistic directors including Tenum, the Russ Meyer of Dogma.

Tenum's Boob Secretary (with Yuka Haneda) would have earned Russ's respect, although the lack of pubic hair would have rubbed Russ the wrong way as he preferred his females furry.

The director's Third D-1 Climax Open Audition (all 280 mins of it!) has been excerpted on various on-line venues and is something extraordinary and bizarre. With its glossy production values, it has the convincing appearance of a legitimate Japanese TV show, except it boasts volcanic X-rated content and a great sense of humor.

Original inspiration for this sex marathon, and the US sex marathons of Annabelle Chong and Co., was the Dutch Chick's Fuck Marathon, which was produced in the early 80's and was presented in a giant box on 2 x 2 hour VHS cassettes.

Alcohol Medicine Sex, with Hikari Hino (no relation to Hideshi), is an example of Dogma's enebriation genre.

Tohjiro, who created Dogma after pioneering independent erotic production in the 90's, has built a not modest empire that has taken full advantage of the internet's borderless nature.

Only one US company,, that has also focused on fetish, has enjoyed success similar to Dogma (moreso, actually!) working from an expanded business model.

Because of US content restrictions, kink's content is softer but no less interesting than Dogma's.

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