Monday, February 8, 2010

Exquisite Work of Vania Zouravliov

I stumbled upon this stunning piece of work (above) a year ago. The artist is Vania Zouravliov, a Russian now living in London.

Since the age of 13, Zouravliov has been exhibiting his incredible work.

Nutcracker author E.T.A. Hoffman has been a strong influence on Zouavliov.

He recently illustrated a new British edition of the Grimm Brothers' Complete Fairy Tales.

Some of these pieces can be found in 'Vania' (from German publisher Gestalten). I've been trying to order the book, but it's unavailable right now.

Zouravliov himself is an admirer of the artists Rei Kawakubo, Bill Laswell, Paolo Roversi, and DJ Krush.

His work has a sensual, delicate, haunting quality.

When interviewed by, he was asked the following question:

What’s the one thing that gives you inspiration to keep making art?

His answer: A strong belief that creativity is the only relative freedom we have in this world.

Freedom is being liberally exercised in these awe-inspiring works.

The detail of the fine lines, the shading, the morbid blend of East and West...

...lends them an ethereal, erotic, other world quality.

Artist Audrey Kawasaki summed Zouravliov's work up thus:

"...his work is so chillingly beautiful..."



A special thanks goes out to reader Jesse for his "help" with this piece.


  1. Gorgeous... Absolutely stunning.

  2. ^What she said. I love 'em.

  3. Trix -- you said it, Sister!


    d -- What's not to love in such beauty?

  4. Hey! It's Jesse! I love these pictures. My friend Jan told me he saw the VANIA book at a Hennessey and Ingalls art book shop in Hollwood, maybe they would be able to order it. I purchased it used online.