Saturday, October 9, 2010

Incest Explosion

I like pornography/erotica that flies over the wall.

Incest flies over the walls of most people because of its "forbidden" nature. If it was practiced openly in most Western societies, its pornographic appeal would probably be lost.

Incest is one of the easiest erotic genres to scam. The majority of incest pornography is not authentic. Some is, for sure, but the business seems to get by on large doses of make-believe.

Joe Sarno's Confessions of an American Wife was made at a time when incest-themed erotica was a very hot proposition. The film is not really ABOUT incest, but the sexual tension between mother/daughter, and the luscious Jennifer Welles' blazing presence, sets the celluloid on fire.

Unfortunately, incest went out of vogue in America when pasteurized blandness came into vogue (around the time when 42nd St. was shuttered) and stayed for good.

In European porn, there is a blunt acknowledgment that the older set enjoy sex as much as the younger set. If you just relied on American porn for your enlightenment, you'd be under the impression that sex is the exclusive domain of the young and bitchy.

The covers for hardcore incest-themed efforts such as 'The Incest Family' further suggest that the incest within is real. The presence of the older gentleman, with his average guy looks, feeds the fantasy of the average viewer.

I like the black bands over the eyes. Another attempt at authenticity. And who's to say it isn't?

1998's L'Incesto is a steamy porno pic from director/actor Christoph Clark. It starred real life Hungarian sisters Angelica Bella and Veronica Bella, who were just seven years apart. And, yes, they cross the wall.

There is something so wrong but so right about this cross-generational depiction of incest. The bloke backing his wang into his daughter (or representation of) looks like a gangster who's just been busted mid-coitus by his wife.

Bless the Europeans!
A fairly poor American X-rater featuring Zebbedy Colt doing his on-screen daughter. Although actress Jean Jennings was cute, the film is a plodding, inept mess.

The majority of incest pornography is produced in Germany, France, or Italy. There is a smattering of content from Japan, too.

Design-wise, the Italian covers are probably the best. They don't sell the theme as something smutty and cheap. They give it some respect. As a result, there are at least a dozen super-hot incest flicks from Italy (hardcore and softcore).

Stunning cover art from a defunct Tokyo production company.

Incest anime, and this is one of the best of the bunch.

An attempt to blend porn paperback art with traditional porno treatment of the subject.

No argument here.

This one combines pregnancy and incest.

The old/young mix is a popular European genre that is virtually non-existent in the youth-obsessed US. However, as the population ages and birth rates plummet, it will be interesting to watch the growth of this niche Stateside.

Lesbian incest. Note the "100% Italian" label on the older woman's thigh. Clearly, the proud Italians like their incest porn pure and homegrown.

Another Zebbedy Colt effort. I read about this flick for years. When I finally saw it, I was bored. Definitely not a relic from anybody's "Golden Age".

Something very hot about this girl. Perhaps it's the way she's casually looking back at the camera while having her vagina stuffed.

The Europeans capture the rawness and anarchy of the sex act so beautifully.

There's no artifice.

More Italian incest, this time from producer/director Mario Salieri, who has churned out a load of impressive pornography and an entire catalog of period (as in "historical") pornography; it's likely he's dabbled in menstruation-themed porn, too.

Whether its authentic or faked, the theme is an evergreen.


  1. Awww! It's a shame you represented North American incest porn as being so feeble with some sub-par films, and then left out the best stuff!

    As far as classic titles go, pretty much anything that real-life sisters Brooke and Taylor Young did is quite entertaining, such as TEENAGE TWINS, or DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE.

  2. The "piece of ass sister" is the star from Showtime's Co-Ed Confidential!

  3. bougieman -- you are totally right about these two, Robin. Thanks for making the point. I did mention the good U.S. incest stuff such as the Young twins' work and the TABOO and AMERICAN TABOO series in a previous blog.


    the jaded viewer -- fascinating fact. Thanks you. She's a very fine woman.

  4. jervaise brooke hamsterOctober 11, 2010 at 9:56 PM

    This post was interesting but it was rendered rather toothless by the fact that when people talk about "incest movies" they think about "8 year-old girls" not "18 year-old girls", i just wondered why you shyed away from that obvious truth.

  5. speaking of incest...have you watched splice? fellow canadian vincenzo natali picks up where (canada's best) cronenberg left off: making brainy b-movies with fascinating sexual overtones.

  6. Kotto -- sorry for terribly slow reply. Yes, I saw and appreciated SPLICE.

  7. Hi. Very cool blog you have here.

    Just wanted to address this:

    "The majority of incest pornography is produced in Germany, France, or Italy. There is a smattering of content from Japan, too."

    There's actually an absolute boat-load of Japanese incest themed pron - easily more than in Germany/Italy. Mom-Son being the preferred mode. Some studios such as "Ruby" are almost entirely devoted to it.

  8. Anonymous -- This is great news, and thank you for the heads-up. I must confess to being relatively unaware of Ruby (alto the name rings a bell). My main Japanese focus has been on Dogma, Cinemagic, Aroma, etc. Would love more info if you're up for it. My email is phantomofpulpatgmaildotcom

  9. jervaise brooke hamsterJuly 23, 2011 at 11:59 AM

    Phantom, why did you ultimately decide not to reply to my com-girl-t ? (thanks for having the guts to publish it by the way), was what i said to "DIFFICULT" and "TRUE" for you to deal with ?.