Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jan Sverak's KOOKY

One of my favorite directors in the world has a new film, Kooky, and it looks amazing.

It's as if he's partially channeling that other famous Czech, Jan Svankmajer, in a tale featuring puppets in live settings.

Sverak is the director of The Elementary School, a '91 masterpiece that I blogged about here:

It is amongst my top ten films of all time.

He also recently made the excellent Empties.


Kooky, about a discarded teddy bear who won't lie down, features voice work from Zdenek Sverak, Jan's talented father (and frequent co-writer).

"A Teddy bear forced to stand on his two stuffed feet..."

I'm chomping at the bit to see this.

Sverak has a unique take on the world that will surely render this a classic.


  1. jervaise brooke hamsterDecember 29, 2010 at 11:55 PM

    Phantom, you know Kristyna kohoutova who played Alice in Svankmajers 1987 surrealist Masterwork, well (and dont tell anyone i told you this) i actually think she was more gorgeous than Heather O`Rourke, Judith Barsi and JonBenet (Patricia) Ramsay put together. I know thats an incredible state-girl-t to make especially when you consider how obsessed i am with Heather but when Kristyna was 8 she was maybe the most beautiful girl who ever lived, i often wonder what shes doing now although obviously at age 31 she would now be of no interest to me at all.

  2. KOOKY does look amazing, and so right up your alley.

  3. I had my doubts about Kooky from just seeing the still shots, but once the youtube clip started rolling, I was into it. Thanks for the head's up rec, I hope it becomes available for us to see. Some of these films aren't even on Netflix, and I wonder why.

  4. El Vox -- I have a lot of faith in KOOKY mostly because Sverak has made several incredible movies ('The Elementary School' being his masterpiece, IMHO).

    Many of these films aren't on Netflix because they have no U.S. distributor yet. Unfortunately, a large majority of the films I cover may never have a U.S. distributor because the estimated cost (of licensing) versus returns (from the market) isn't favourable.