Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Little Fangorian Support

 Fangoria are exclusively running the trailer for my second new feature, Pond Scum, this week.

As a reader since Issue #1 (the one with the Godzilla cover), I'm humbled.

Exclusive trailer, photos: Savage picture “POND SCUM”


  1. Congrats! Damn man, I gotta say you're taking a page from the Uwe Boll playbook with all these projects running on each other's heels.

  2. Congrats on your coverage at Fango. I too have been a reader since that long-ago Godzilla issue, and I still have a great deal of respect for the mag.

    People seem to put so much shit on Fango these days, but I think of all the major horror mags they still have the best writers and the most objective reviews.

  3. I looked at your trailers and those women are HAWT. OBVS you like chicks that can kick your ass!Can't wait to see the movies.

  4. d -- Gotta strike while the iron's hot. I wish I were as productive as Boll. Haven't quite got his finances.


    Aylmer -- Agree. Great writers. Still the benchmark. I read and enjoy Rue Morgue, too, some others occasionally. There was a time when I was buying Fango, Starlog, Future, Fantastic Films, Omni, Starburst, and Cinefantastique on a monthly basis. Also: Hustler, Adult Cinema Review, Adam Film World, Continental Films, Films and Filming, and a Canadian film mag whose name now escapes me. Those were the days!


    Anonymous -- In all honesty, most women bore me to tears -- so, yeah, I like women who can kick ass (literally) and kick intellectual ass, too. To a large extent, women are not socialized to be intellectually interesting. From an early age, they're (the majority) told they'll be wives and mothers, and "cuteness" will help them progress. Hell, they're even given dolls to nurse minutes after they're emerged from the womb. There are brilliant exceptions, and a few resist and rebel. They're the ones who are friends, and they're the ones I put in my movies.