Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mission Impossible 4

Publicized and reviewed (perhaps the same thing?) as the best of the series, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is surprisingly languid and uninvolving. Generic set-up has Tom Cruise's team disavowed by the people who pay them and compelled to stop yet another nuclear maniac from destroying the world. They operate as "ghosts", so to speak, which explains the silly title. Every second action film these days focuses on the tired exploits of  "rogue" agents or skilled individuals who are abandoned by their bosses. It's getting old.

The film, directed by Brad Bird, who made The Incredibles and The Iron Giant, can rightly brag about two excellent action sequences -- the first of note involves Cruise (who is, admittedly, very good in this film) dangling from the world's tallest building; the second (and best) feels like an extension of a specific action scene in Jackie Chan's Twin Dragons. Cruise and the villain trade blows in an automated parking garage where expensive cars are rotated, parked, and dropped by high tech machinery. The dueling duo have a brilliantly brutal time going up and down and falling from impossible heights as they both attempt to acquire a case containing a computer.

Certainly a film to be appreciated on the big screen, but not the best cinematic thing since sliced bread.

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