Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Women of Sagawa's Psyche

Just as Playboy delights in showcasing the women of a particular institution or college ('The Women of Walmart', for example, or 'The Women of UCLA'), it seems fair to provide an album of women favored and adored by Issei Sagawa, Japan's Godfather of Cannibalism.

Recently, he admitted that his penchant for European women has finally been sated, and he's focusing his appetite on the creamy delights of his home country.  

Of the beautiful Aya Ueda (above), he said: "She is too good to eat."  I say: "Literally, perhaps, but..."

The gorgeous Kyoko Hasagawa (above) is another lass who has captured a cannibal's heart. "Her legs are beautiful," he said in Vice.com's 2010 documentary

Akiko Yada, another beauty from Okinawa, Sagawa's preferred destination for Nippon delicacies, has also earned a place on the flesh eater's bedroom wall. It's hard to argue that his tastes aren't impeccable.

Finally, Erika Toda, who appeared in the filmic adaptation of popular manga Death Note, is another favorite of Mr. Sagawa. When he beholds these dreamy ladies, he "feels an appetite".

Not entirely surprising.


  1. Perhaps he can find a willing entree, just like that man in germany who advertised for a consenting main course. A bad movie was made about it: The Brothers Grimm, or something like that.

  2. Mac -- Yes, I don't think Sagawa would have too much trouble finding a willing female to do this. It really would be the karmic way for him to go.

    Regarding that film, the one you mentioned is pretty lame. However, there is a second one called CANNIBAL. I urge you to seek it out. It's more than marginally disturbing and grotesque, and does a good job conveying the fear the participants felt prior to crossing that boundary.

    1. I have read some interviews with him and writings and despite the horrific nature of his crimes, I can't help but feel every so slightly sorry for him, same with some pedophiles. This is a man who is utterly at the mercy of his twisted obsession and I get the sense that some of these perverts actually can't help themselves which is all the creepier. At least he claims to feel remorse for what he did, he fascinates me greatly as well and I've toiled with the idea of making a film about him. He was a bit of influence, speaking of the Brothers Grimm, on my concept of the Wolf in my Little Red Riding Hood short.