Friday, February 10, 2012

The Graphic Sting of Couleur Sang (Bloody Heavens)

Recently stumbled on this lusty '81 publication from Collection Secrete, and I certainly can't say it pulls its punches.

A work of elegant sadomasochism, it uses graphic pictures and text (in French and English) to tell the fanciful story of an unfortunate young woman who is humiliated and degraded in a country house from hell. 

The traditional S/M iconography is here, as is a thoroughly nihilistic, unrelenting odor of perversion. 

The accompanying text is close to the length of a standard porno novel, and there are almost thirty pages of brutal illustrations. 

Images such as the one above remind me of Danish pornography in the 70's from the Color Climax stable. There is a whiff of Eric Stanton and DeMullotto, too.

Other books by Joseph Farrel include Painful Flavours and Humiliations

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