Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zoom Up: Rape Site

This Zoom Up: Rape Site poster is subtly spectacular with its color foreground and chillingly colorless background.

This Koyu Ohara flick, which gave Nikkatsu many headaches, is not on DVD, VHS, or Blu-Ray.

For an enterprising distributor, this is THE pick of the bunch.

Although available in Japan, Ohara's White Rose Campus: Then, Everybody Gets Raped is also begging for broader Western exposure.


  1. Fantastic poster

    I have wanted to see this one for a long time. It would be great if Synapse could get this and White Rose Campus for their Nikkatsu series

  2. Unknown -- these would be my choices. My third choice would be Takita's The Serial Rape-Murderer (Renzoku bokan), a big favorite. The Japanese VHS is all that exists at this time.

  3. I've been trying to track down a copy of Serial Rape for awhile so that would be great if it was included

    And there is also Hasebe's "Rape" trilogy. Hard to believe there is a good chance those are actually going to be getting a U.S. release.

    I'm thankfully these films are getting any kind of attention here but I wish they were releasing them a bit different. I think box sets/volumes would be the way to go. Group the films maybe by theme (i.e. the Female Teacher series)

  4. Unknown -- Serial Rape is very dark and well made.

    I heard that Impulse might be releasing Rape, but I heard nothing about Raping or Rape - 13th Hour. They are all good, so would make a neat trio.

    Grouping by themes would work, but, the reluctance to do that probably has something to do with the fear that most potential buyers will not pay very much for something they've never seen. People like you and I are an exception. The average Joe doesn't gamble.

    Yes, the "fans" would eat up these releases, but there aren't enough "fans" to justify the costs associated with buying rights, cleaning up masters, authoring, artwork, etc. The DVD/BluRay biz is shrinking. It's very unfortunate.

  5. ...so the dilemma becomes: How do we attract people outside rabid fans to these products?

    They market them one at a time.

    Look what happened to the Pinky Box Set. A great set, but sales were dismal.

  6. Releases of Rape-13th Hour & Raping is just my wishful thinking at this point

    Your argument about the Pinky box set is right and I'm sure that played into how they plan to release these films

    I did post the cover for SEX HELL on my Facebook page a week ago and I was kinda surprised how many "likes" and comments I got and how many people are excited for these releases. Reviews have been good too. Hopefully a new group of fans will discover these great films

  7. I thought Zoom Up was a lost film that disappeared after its original theatrical run? I'd love to see it myself.

    With all the hundreds or even thousands of pinkus that were made, I can't help but wonder if there are a few unknown masterpieces out there that simply got lost among the crowd and are currently gathering dust in some studio's basement, waiting to be unleashed onto the world.