Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Comics That Didn't Rape Altar Boys

Adventures Into The Unknown is a pre-Code horror anthology from Dark Horse, and what beautiful pulp it is. 

As this couple approach an island, I'm reminded of early cover art for Enid Blyton's 'Island of Adventure'.

It reprints the first four issues of the long-running horror anthology that ran from '48 to '67.

As the clarity of the above scan attests, this is a loving assembly of pre-Code horror goodness, a collection of stories not yet the subject of censorship, derision, and political interference.

At US$50, this is not a cheap affair, but the volume is hardcover, full color, and handsomely presented.

A horror comic never invaded a foreign country for reasons not entirely transparent.

A horror comic never raped a pale-faced altar boy or incarcerated a man for having an opinion.

A horror comic never built jails so it could make money from placing you in it.

The people who support the censorship of horror comics did all that and then some... and still do.

This fine tome collects the stories that threatened to end civilization as we knew it... well, at least as some knew it.

Shame on them. Cunts!


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  1. Why, exactly, is CUNT an insult? Where would you be without them?!?