Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doing It For Kicks

Lorna Dixon's I Peeped For Kicks sports one of my very favorite illustrated covers.

Somehow, the expression on the peeper's face reminds me of past and recent visual depictions of  The Zodiac Killer with his casual indifference to perversion.

Impactt Library was infamous for its contribution to outrageous literature and potent cover art.

Others who peeped for kicks, like Bo Vebenius's dangerous miscreant, also got covers incorporating the subject of their gazes, this one more surreal than most.

This art for the Shaw Brothers' The Criminals - A Teenager's Nightmare, a really great Hong Kong flick (released on VCD only), mimics the top scan's impossible view of two scenarios.

These are so evocative and a little brilliant.

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