Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Rare Zombie/Alien/Porno From France –– Oui!!!

Recently came across this pretty amazing '78 French horror/porno/sci-fi flick known as PORNO ZOMBIE, but whose actual title is LA FILLE A LA FOURRURE (Girl in the Fur Coat?)

In the same genre as EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD, it adds a fascinating sci-fi angle to a Jess Franco-like plot involving a just-married couple whose pending consummation is interrupted by the appearance of the husband's late wife (yes, the dead wife reappears). This creates some complexity, needless to say.

A story in one review of the film explains that director Claude Pierson's screenwriter wife (Huguette Boisvert) was happy for Claude to make porn as long as proper emphasis was placed on the importance of marital relations in the film. Well, I'm happy to report that Ms. Boisvert's condition does work in this film's favor because much of the sex is quite loving and very erotic, and that makes for a steamy, unusual tone.

This French treat is the best horror/zombie/porno hybrid I can think of, and the female screenwriter's addition of aliens to the couplings (and one beautifully shot moonlit orgy) works a treat. A synth score underlines the horror elements, and a memorable score for piano and some strings enriches the sex scenes and the film's forest setting.

Though promoted as such in some markets, this is not really a zombie film, it is more of a porno/sci-fi film with a zombie film vibe (ZOMBIE LAKE, OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES). Had I been told Jess Franco directed this, I wouldn't have been shocked, but the sex scenes don't possess the Franco point of view.

Ultimately, the plot doesn't make any real world sense, but spending ninety minutes in the cinematic world of this film was a rare pleasure.

(I researched the work of Huguette Boisvert (who often wrote as Elisabeth Leclair) and, wow!, she's been incredibly prolific, and did write a number of obscure French films I'm very fond of including TENDRE ADOLESCENTE, JEUNES FILLES POUR PARTOUZES, LA GRANDEV RECRE, and ALL ABOUT WOMAN. Admittedly, some of these titles I've only watched un-subbed).