Monday, November 2, 2009

Oats with Hino, Saeki, Bernhart, and Maruo

We all begin our days in individual ways. I cook my oats, add blueberries, almond milk, and flax seed. Then I bring some books to the table.

I find inspiration (and relaxation) in nature and art. Art like the utter brilliance of the four scans featured here.

Hideshi Hino (above) never fails to inspire and provoke. His dark art is infused with madness, desire, paranoia, and hunger.

From "The Art of Hideshi Hino", published by Presspop Gallery ('07)

The sexually savage work of Antoine Bernhart explores primal desires and taboo-busting journeys of the flesh.

The artist's way with a lurid palette is intoxicating, and he pulls us into a delicious maelstrom.

From "Rope Rapture & Bloodshed", published by Mondo Bizzarro Gallery ('01)

A favorite theme of Toshio Saeki is the familial consequences of erotic journeying.

Offspring play a central role in Saeki's work, as does the orgasmic frisson delivered by total abandonment.

From "1970, Toshio Saeki"; published by Seirinkogeisha ('06)

Bleedingly good work from Suehiro Maruo, and another masterful depiction of the sensual traveler.

From "MaruoGraph Ex II", published by Editions Treville


  1. I really tried getting into Ultra Gash Inferno. I didn't like it that much but Maruo's artwork (and the film Midori, of course) is absolute brilliance. Thanks for the post and thanks for more Bernhart!

  2. Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!! and Gorgeous!!!!

  3. Larry Wessel: What a coinkydink. Just bought a copy of Sugar and Spice from you a few weeks back. You are a sick, sick individual. Keep up the good work.

  4. d -- fair enought! You can never have too much Bernhart.


    Larry -- my thoughts exactly.


    d-- Yes, Larry is an extremely talented, delightfully "sick" and rare individual.