Monday, January 18, 2010

3-Day Feature

When opportunity like this knocks, I answer it with reason.
The project:
Four actors.
Three locations.
Minimal dialog.
Hey, I can do that.
Three days to shoot a 75 minute feature.
Yes, three days.
Four actors and three locations. That's very do-able. Minimal dialog? A little more difficult because if you don't have a lot of dialog scenes, you need to shoot a lot of stuff that takes a lot more time to shoot than dialog. Dialog scenes are great time fillers.
I'd never made a feature in three days before.
What the hell!?
Here's the first trailer:

KINDER PLAY from Mark Savage on Vimeo.

A purely creative filmmaking exercise, free of serious financial constraints and expectations, can be incredibly liberting, underlining why we create in the first place.

For me, the key component of success (beyond concept and performances) was striking locations. Although each was a two hour + drive, the visual rewards are obvious.

Camera used was Sony XD-CAM EX I.


  1. Looks fan-fucking-tastic! I will be eagerly awaiting this. I'm making my way through the Savage Sinema box set right now and loving it! Hope to get some reviews posted soon.

  2. Just wow. I know those dolls are all yours!

  3. Rev -- thanks so much for your kind appraisal They're an uneven lot, but I trust they're holding your interest.


    d -- yes, they're all mine. I have a harem of them.