Thursday, July 1, 2010

My New Feature Is Rolling in LA

Posts recently have ground to a halt as I am concurrently shooting a TV reality show and directing/DP'ing my newest feature, The Cloth Dagger.

Dagger is a psycho-sexual drama starring Jim Van Bebber, Renae Boult, Michael Tierney, and Kristen Condon.

Renae Boult previously played a dominatrix in my film Sensitive New Age Killer and was my very first choice for this role.

I worked with Kristen Condon on an aborted 'roughie' in 2009.

She also starred recently in the Australian feature The Beautiful and the Damned.

I see big things ahead for her.

It's been so great working with Jim Van Bebber on The Cloth Dagger.

An extraordinary director in his own right, Jim is also an extraordinary actor, and he's been blowing me away with his take on a very dark character. Jim has brought an unexpected humor to the role of 'Rolf', a poster boy for guys your mother warned you about.

The shoot is taking place in the darkest and dirtiest corners of Los Angeles.

The Cloth Dagger will be hitting the road in 2011.

Kristen Condon, PhantomofPulp, Renae Boult, and Jim Van Bebber


  1. Cool!
    Lookin' forward to it.


  2. Looking forward to it! And glad to see Kristen there (I guess it's been a long time coming since that aborted shoot in the dandenongs).

  3. Congratulations on getting another film rolling - I hope the shoot continues to be a joy for you.

    And Van Bebber looks amazingly like 1970's-era Gene Hackman in that first shot. THE HUNTING PARTY or perhaps PRIME CUT?

  4. Cinezilla -- stay tuned!


    Jurguens -- oh, yes, THAT aborted shoot. It's definitely time!

  5. jervaise brooke hamsterJuly 4, 2010 at 3:36 PM

    I want to bugger Kristen Condon and Renae Boult but i bet you`ve already had that pleasure with both of them haven`t you Phantom, you bloody lucky sod.

  6. Looks like something from the 80s! That shirt especially.