Monday, April 23, 2012

The Voice With Balls Is Back!

 LA-based Tom Leykis went off the radio three years ago when the station that paid his wages, KLSX, changed formats.  Tom's absence left a big hole in the country's radio market, a market biased entirely towards another kind of hole, and entirely against males (and what being male means) The Oprah-centric American media, which pushes a line that all women are victims of or will be victims of  male "abuse", and all men are would-be rapists, provides virtually no voice for males who are happy being who they are and proud of it.

The pussification of all media has created an environment where men's issues (in the media) are minimized and poorly regarded, and men (as singles, fathers, and husbands) are expected to toe the line of a powerful and influential strata of once-freedom-loving women-now-turned-bitter-middle-agers.

Well, the fighting voice of voice of male reason has returned. Despite the fact that so-called "experts" said it couldn't be done, Leykis, now out of contract, has returned to his seat of influence, and that seat is on-line. Eschewing traditional radio offers, and pioneering a new radio paradigm, he has drawn much criticism for his decision to take his brand to the worldwide web. Also drawing criticism has been his decision to make his show both ad- and subscriber-supported, in addition to the self-support he has given it.

 Just fifteen days in to this bold "experiment", the figures are pretty amazing. In the first week, Leykis had 401,000 listeners. In fifteen days, he has 700 paid subscribers who get additional content. His old terrestrial radio show, which occupied a regular slot on KLSX for 12 years, averaged 330,000 listeners. To put all this into perspective, consider that this 401,000 figure is much higher than LA's highly promoted terrestrial station KABC. In fact, as Leykis himself pointed out on his show this week, there are 14 other LA/Orange Country radio station that don't have 410,000 listens between them (!).

If you're male and you've never listened to Tom, do yourself a favor and go to:

Nobody but nobody in the world does what Tom is doing.

The general media and the family courts have been demonizing men for decades. Surely, you say, there's hope somewhere?

Yes, there is.

If you're male and you give a shit about "adult living" (as Tom calls it), Leykis is relevant to every aspect of your life.

If you're a young male, get out from under your girlfriend's pussy and grow a fuckin pair. Whether it's info on getting the job you want, dealing with women, maintaining your independence, or taking control of your future , Leykis is essential listening.

If you're a woman and you want to truly understand men, give Oprah and her mamby-pamby bullshit the old heave-ho, and confront the truth about men.

Leykis, the Voice With Balls, is back!


  1. jervaise brooke hamsterApril 24, 2012 at 5:25 AM

    More evidence (if any were really needed) that we are indeed all living in "THE TIME OF SEXUAL REPRESSION", a period of history governed wholly and completely by lies, hypocrisy, and absurd nonsense.

  2. Phantom, would you also agree that Oprah Winfrey is a fag enabler ?.

  3. Huh. If this guy represents reality, my dream world is looking better and better : ).

  4. I'll give him a whirl, but I hope he's nothing like Rush Limbaugh.

    1. No, this isn't a politaical talk show. Its a show aimed at men, talikng about issues men care about, like getting laid for less money, and how to keep your money. They also talk about women who feel entitled, and how to not be a wuss. Great show very entertaining.

  5. Anonymous -- Are you female?


    Devil -- not at all like Rush. His focus is male/female relationships, sex, male rights, responsibility, etc.

  6. It's an on air on going adult education program that teaches men how to get more tail for less money. More importantly it teaches women how men think!

  7. Tom's message is a good one for women as well. In an ideal Leykis 101 world, adults would go hook up for sex, go home and that's it! No ulterior motives, no stupid games that I see so many women like to play, which in the end only hurts them-makes them into horrible, ugly people who can't enjoy sex for its own sake. They think that they have to get something "in return"? stupid. If all guys follow Leykis 101, those types will be cut off-cut off from the fancy dinners, all of the obligatory chains they like to tie on as collateral for gaining entry, and maybe these girls will learn to relax and live their own lives, make their own money and get laid and be happy with that! (I always am!)

  8. Anonymous -- Straight from the horse's mouth, my friend! Exactly.


    rooster -- you said it! Someone's gotta lay(!) down the framework to end all the games and ugliness, and Tom is surely a good man for that job. I've preached similar stuff on this blog now and then, but Tom is definitely the poster boy for male/female reform. I wish his new show well. From the figures so far, he can probably do without my well-wishing.

  9. The irony! In a Leykis-world where "adults hook-up for sex, go home and that's it," this man would be the last person on earth getting laid. If Tom Leykis didn't have something to offer other than his physical attributes, no woman sighted on earth would go near him.

    Be honest, men. Would you have sex with the female equivalent of TL? Lucky for him that some women have other motivations, honorable or not.

  10. Anonymous -- I think Someone's personal bias is obfuscating the message here :-) How Tom looks is not the point. The point of the show is disseminating helpful information. Oprah does this all the time, but would you say: "Oh, the irony, she's the last person to get laid because she's so fat!?" Interestingly, you've made exactly the point Tom often makes, and that is: Plenty of women are happy to fuck ANYTHING if it has money. Just consider how often we see very hot women sitting beside fat, ugly rich guys in Porches. Even Tom admits he's no oil painting, but explains that he gets laid because he's wealthy. Ultimately, the show is about teaching men not only how to get laid, but how to not get taken to the cleaners by gold-digging women. Leykis does not advocate cheating on spouses. In fact, he advocates having ALL your wild sexual adventures before you get married -- or, not getting married at all because marriage is totally biased towards women's interests.

  11. Dude rails against women who will have sex with "ANYTHING": I'm saying the guy should thank his lucky stars for those ladies- and men like you who will pay for his advice. If women were motivated by sexual desire alone and expected no sweeteners- that what he's advocating, right?- this guy would get mighty lonely.

    Appealing men have no trouble getting all the sex they want.

    And I don't know what Oprah Winfrey has to do with it. I don't have much use for her, and in fact find her brand of inspirational talk hard to take. Why would I look to that woman for a guidepost to psychological and physical health when she, evidently, can't overcome her largest obstacle to personal happiness? (Yes- that would be her weight.)

  12. Anonymous -- I just knew you were female. Your emotion-laden arguments tipped me off :-)

    Men like me are paying for his advice?

    His advice is free.

    If you choose to, you can pay for various "extras".

    The show is mostly directed at younger men, not men in their late 40's like me. Still, I agree with much of what he says.

    The most important question is: Have you listened to at least three or four of his shows?

    If you haven't, your opinion isn't worth a cracker.

    So, please, listen to three or four shows so you get a fair sampling, and then come back here and tell me what you think.

    It sounds to me like you're judging him based on very little actual listening.

    Intelligent women who give him the time of day usually conclude that what he speaks is the truth (like it or not).

  13. No, I have not invested that much time listening to the guy, but I have read his blog (While listening to Howard Stern, whom I love.). Let's be honest: he hates women- read the language he uses to describe them- so I have a hard time understanding how self respecting women fit into his audience.

    He just has nothing to do with the men I know. Then again, most off them are well- educated, sucessful, healthy, confident people whom the world, and women in specific, respond to as such. Maybe Tom Leykis is meant for a different demographic.

  14. Anonymous -- "He hates women" is a gross generalization. He mother is a woman. I'm sure he doesn't hate his mother. We're all guilty of "hating" aspects" of someone at various time in our lives. People piss us off. We react. That's human. Tom's had some negative experiences with women, so he's using knowledge gained in those experiences to help younger guys avoid the pitfalls of being a guy in a country with a court system biased towards the woman. The fact that men are forced to pay alimony to women is, in itself, a mark of the system's inequality. It makes sense that a young man would want to arm himself with the armor of experience.

    I urged you to listen to more shows because Leykis often has guests such as divorce attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, and other professionals who share extremely valuable information.

    He may have nothing to do with the men you know (or at least what they reveal to you about themselves!), but that doesn't discount his value as someone who bravely toes a line that is unique and against the "accepted" grain. Many educated men enjoy his show. If you lighten up, you might, too. Leykis is certainly focused on a demographic that doesn't generally include you, but, that being so, why would it mean that you can gain nothing from it.

    Personally, I find Rush Limbaugh ignorant and narrow-minded to a fault, but I will also concede that he's damn entertaining, a good broadcaster, and if you want to know how a sector of the country is thinking, he's a great education.

    The theme of this blog is to embrace everything with curiosity. When you shut out influences, you get old fast and die.

  15. Ugh. I'm not feeling so well. I don't care for TL and will not doubt suffer an early death : ).

    Agree to disagree? XXOO-

  16. Anonymous -- Agree! Kisses and hugs to you, too :-)