Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Seen and Unseen deMullotto



Courtesy of a close friend of Mr. deMullotto comes this selection of seen and unseen work.

In the past, some have complained that the CGI pieces are primitive and unconvincing. Please understand that Mr. deMullotto was one of the very first practitioners of the art to attempt 3-D graphics of this nature. To criticize these for their technical crudity is akin to unfavorably comparing the first black and white TV's to the plasmas of today. The plasmas are impressive, but the real magic of the form was in its invention.


Some of these examples of the artist's work have appeared previously in books and on his defunct website.

He remains an unsung master of the form alongside Robert Bishop, John Willie, Eric Stanton, and Tom of Finland.


I have more of these, and will post them within the next two weeks.

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  1. these are some of the most erotic arousing demullotto i have seen. the cg were all new to me.