Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Special People

Not special enough
Not for long
Promises made
Promises kept
Smiling in limbo land
Gazing forever
Reported lost
Wanted not
No answers
Just the silence of the grave
That you can trust
Slow death
Accelerated life

I found these tragic people in a small curio store close to the border of Texas and Mexico.

A modest rescue was enacted.


  1. They're all so beautiful! I'm thrilled they found a safe home with you.

  2. Trix -- I knew you'd love 'em. You know beauty when you see it! I got as many I could. They're exceptional. Clearly, others didn't think so. Their loss. My gain.

  3. Last one before the poem is really striking. They're all great, really.

    Might've asked you this before--you ever get to that island of dolls?

  4. I'd love to show you around my home town sometime, you would love it! It is unique.
    Cemeteries are peaceful and the older the better. Cool that you like them too!
    I will be blogging about my dad's death and it's quite a tale! You won't believe all that happened! My step-mother also died in my old home only she killed herself and the house is haunted. I know because I saw spirits. Gotta wait for the blog...tee hee!
    Michigan and Indiana share a state line, it doesn't take long to get to Michigan from my home town and I have many stories to tell about Michigan too. So, you used to live in Michigan? If so, when?
    I love your blog and I would of bought them too they are darling! I love antiques of all kinds and the odder the better. I bet they like having a home with you.
    It is a little hard to open up especially when you see what I'm going to write about in the future but as long as I get comments from people like you it's worth it. Actually it's good to get things like that out; don't you think?
    Would you please Follow me on this site? It's up to you of course but I'd love to have you, it would mean a lot to me!
    What did you think about American Horror last night? I just love that show! Did you blog about it yet and if so could you give me the link?
    Take care and I hope you're ready for Christmas!