Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last Post? Perhaps

I started this blog to share my passions -- meaning, my precious collection of books, ad mats (since '68), and movie art.

The BARON BLOOD drive-in ad mat is, for me, a symbol of a time that has sadly passed. Now, movies like it have been somewhat devalued, reduced to files "aggregated" on a massive on-line archive. There's no scarcity any more, so no value. There's some hope afoot, but the hope requires a shot of reality.

Are blogs going the same way? In the early days, most of my posts provoked a healthy torrent of comments from a loyal, informed readership. Now, the comments are few.

What's changed? Does nobody want to comment, or has commenting become tiresome? Worse, have blogs like this had their day?

Without readers, there's not much point in me posting. I'd be the tree falling in the forest that nobody can hear.

I've always enjoyed the dialog posts create, although it's always been hard to gauge what people really want most.

According to the stats each blog owner can access, the most popular post EVER here was the one I did on 'Brian Peppers'. It easily outscores all the others. The writing accompanying it focused on alienation, on being different, on hypocrisy.

At least it's a thoughtful post that got the traction.

I fully realize that we're all travelers through the paradox called Life, and events of and not of our own undoing shift priorities and realign focus.

Traffic here is no different.

I'm grateful for the support this blog has had for its five year life span.

I've made some good friends and enjoyed rich conversations about the things we love.

Personally, I've been going through some very trying times myself lately, and I sense major changes afoot. When one door closes, another opens. It's a cliche, but it's rooted in truth.

As I get older, I become less tolerant of games and bullshit, and I seek refuge in the bosom of common sense, honesty, and decency.

I'm grateful for the good.

I'm done with the bad.

Life's too short to indulge the toxins.

And the sun's too bright to ignore.


  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog immensely. Apologies for the lack of a dialogue...I understand your sentiments 100%.

  2. Unfortunately, things you have to implement to cut down spam unfortunately also cut down the number of comments.
    Do you keep track of the "hits" to your blog?
    Have the actual "eyes on the page" decreased as well?

    For the record, you're one of the blogs on my Blogger Reading List, and I've always enjoyed your work.
    While I'll be sorry to see you go, I'm well aware of the amount of work that goes into your posts, and if you feel it's no longer worth additional effort, you do have an excellent body of work that, I hope, you'll leave up!
    Hope to see you soon...

  3. I don't post here as much as I should but this is one of my favorite blogs. Perhaps you should just take a break and come back whenever you feel like you have something you need to share again?

  4. Dear phantom, I personally find your blog to be one of few that has actually really interesting stuff and is written by a person that has things to say and knows how to say them. Through your blog I found out about awesome films and read reviews that really could offer an opinion from someone that knows their field very well and most important - has good taste. Because of my limited knowledge about your subjects regarding the posts I find it pointless to commnent on something without writing actual bullshit. Rest assured there are many people out there that read your blog - more than you think - and it would be a sad thing for them to see that this blog would come to an end.

    keep up the good work !

  5. I don't think I've ever commented before, so now would be good to change that. I like this blog for its personality. On most other blogs, I can only read about books and movies that I already know and that are widely available, but there is always something new to discover here. I've already ordered several books and movies after having visited this blog (the books Childgrave and Strange Seed i.e.) and that's a good thing. It would be a pity to stop, but I get your lack of motivation. Blogging has become a race for readership. And the childlike enthusiasm that came with the scarcity of a few films is long gone.

  6. I'd be sad to see you go.

  7. Well I for one am glad this didn't turn out to be the last post. Because seriously: I - and others too I'm sure - enjoy most of the stuff you post here a great deal, and appreciate the effort you put into it. If I've fallen behind in my reading and not left comments, that's probably just because I don't have much blog reading/writing time myself these days, and often don't have much pertinent info to add comments-wise, except variations on "gee, that's interesting."

    I don't think weblogs will die as long as people still have the focus and enthusiasm to create decent content for them, which you certainly do - good stuff attracts good audiences, even if it takes a while and they're often invisible as far as stats and feedback are concerned...

  8. Ben -- thank you. I'm encouraged by the feedback to this post via this forum and Facebook.

  9. I have benefited greatly from your blog. I have a text document archiving movies, books, and artists you've written about. I still use it as a reference when I search the net. Trevor Brown posted a similar idea about a year ago; his blog doesn't seem to get enough traffic and comments to justify maintaining it. Perhaps a change is necessary, especially if there are more important projects coming up, but, at the very least, it was fun while it lasted and you should continue to share your knowledge of cinema and art with the world. Thank you.

  10. I'm also tired of games and bullshit, which seems like most of the internet and by extension people in general. I respect if you wanna call it quits--because frankly, posts from hamster wouldn't exactly rouse me either, but your blog could remain an outpost in a wasteland of dogshit and I'd respect that too. Either way, you've put some good stuff out there and got people talking and you should be glad for that.

    As for your "massive on-line archive" comment, I agree. It's an unnavigable void that first seemed like a treasure trove, but I personally am burnt out on it. There's no effort required and the reward is severely lessened. It was much more satisfying for me finding out what like minds found interesting and scouring for it as opposed to hoovering everything available and being mostly disappointed.

  11. I've got to say that I relate to this post quite a bit. Your blog is a recent discovery for me and I find the old-school movie adverts and things you post fun to browse through.

    I've gone through the same thought process with my own blog. It grows frustrating to write these really thought-out pieces on films and receive no comments -- and then, you post something frivolous and it gets a response. You grow tired of crafting your pieces and posting them to dead silence, essentially. Particularly when you look at your blog stats and you see that people are looking at the damn things.

    Yeah. I get it.

  12. d -- great point about the hoovering of media, and I'm encouraged that you understand the dilemma. It's not some life-changing dilemma, of course, on any serious level, but, in its own way, it's a shift that I'm not sure I want to get used to.


    Scott -- glad you enjoy the adverts from my scrapbooks.

    I prefer comments to just views because comments trigger a dialog. I started this blog to share and generate passions for fresh discoveries.

    Clearly, I'm not alone.

  13. there's something in the air. the only ones who don't sense it -- and aren't affected by it -- are the ones at the root of the problem. a door needs to close, as desperately as a new one needs to open. as an individual approaching middle-age i'm more angry now than i ever was in my 20s and this wasn't what i was told would happen. what's my life expectancy? i really hope it doesn't stretch far beyond 60 because like so many others, i'm not sure i can stomach much more of the bullshit i see on a day-to-day basis. my first love was music, my second was movies. i live life knowing there's still many amazing examples of both i've yet to explore, and thanks to you and your blog, i've been exposed to a number of gems that would have otherwise slipped through my fingers. i hope you don't stop blogging because as corny as this may sound, it's one of the few rays of light i get from an otherwise gloomy world.

  14. I found your comments quite meaningful. Reflects so much of how life needs continued re-evaluation. I have a special place in my psyche for the ad mats from the Herald each Thursday from 1968 throughout the 70s. I cut and collected from 1971 to 1978. I was 13 in '68 and imagined film content way beyond what could possibly be real. The add mats for The Haunted Palace (Australia Twin) and Wild In The Streets (The Century) sent my imagination wild. LOL
    My first taste of the real thing was Barbarella at the Australia Twin at Christmas '68. This 13 yeaqr old was sold! I was at Monash Uni by the time the wonderful Baron Blood screened at Clayton Drive In. Unfortunately we waited until the final night and got rained out...never waited to last night again!
    A wonderful sorry I waited 5 years to enjoy it.

  15. I for one hope you do continue your blog as through it I was introduced to so many great authors and film directors throughout the years.

    I discovered Richard Laymon. Ray Garton, Robert McCammon, and Jack Ketchum through you.

    Who can forget the best (and most obscure) though "The Happy Man"
    A tale no one I know has read but one I try to get everyone to read.

    Thank You.

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  17. I've greatly enjoyed your blog for the past year. You are a very talented writer, film critic and authority-commentor-observer of an obscure and unique segment of films and books. I'm guessing the only reason that people don't visit your blog much anymore is because you don't post much anymore. If you posted once or twice a week, your readership would increase for certain. I highly encourage you to keep at--provided your personal life allows for it. You have taught me much and informed me of much. I am a fan.

  18. Your blog and others as good as yours are stilll read, though we readers are sometimes lazy, but there are hundreds of us out there, I'm sure, who are timid, but deeply appreciative of your incredible work as a writer. Keep up the good work, man! We'll be thankful

  19. Hey,

    Are you aggregating your feed to Facebook and/or Twitter? I'd hate to see the blog go. It's my regular insight into your brain, Mark!