Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Ad Mat Post Dedicated to a Fellow Collector

I've collected ad mats since I was six or seven.I don't know why I started exactly. I have a sense of why I continue; it's the completist mindset, and I'm probably terrified of what I might miss if I stop. It's a hobby whose future is threatened by the death of the real newspaper, so I'm hoping newspapers survive.

It's not often I come across fellow ad mat collectors, but Fred Adelman (active genre fan par excellence), to whom I dedicate this post, has collected, collated, and scanned thousands of ad mats.

While I was cutting up newspapers in Melbourne, he was cutting them up Stateside.

This one's for you, Fred.


  1. Thanks so much, Mark. I love your collection. It basically shows things were the same both in Australia and the States. I love looking at your collection. Please show more!......Fred