Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hong Kong Ad Mat Attack

\In the early 90's, Hong Kong was awash with an amazingly diverse array of releases from comedies to actioners to soft core thrillers.

As a longtime Hong Kong ad mat collector, it pains me to compare yesterday's abundant HK releases with today's paucity of local product.

Life before the '97 takeover was real sweet for the cinema.


  1. I like the 'Wild Dogs' one where the gorgeous bird is about to unveil her ass-tonishing arse, i`d love to poke my willy up that birds bum.

  2. Awesome... and welcome back. More HK ad mats please!

  3. Awesome ad mats! Sleazy and sharp, especially with the Chinese characters. Recently, I told some friends about the CAT III and all the awesome movies made during the early '90s. It does seem like the '97 transfer coincided with diminishing extreme and adventurous cinema from that region. I can't imagine modern equivalents of "Red To Kill" or "The Untold Story" being produced. I bought the recent issue of Film Comment, which has an extensive overview on current Hong Kong cinema. Hopefully I'll read about something worthwhile.