Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Giant Thank You To Everybody

This morning, the 109th Follower of this blog appeared. Less than twelve months ago, the blog didn't exist.

I started Phantom of Pulp because I've always had a strong desire to share my passions. I did it when I was a six year old, and I'm doing it forty years later. I'm the guy who's always driving to someone's house -- with my multi-system DVD player -- to show them an obscure movie or expose them to a bizarre book. With the internet and blogging, I figured it was time to share what electrifies me with many like-minded individuals (relatively like-minded, anyway).

I've always been attracted to the stuff you'll find on this blog. It feeds my hunger for brain food. It excites me. It fulfills me. It strokes my insatiable curiosity for everything. It makes life worth living and encourages exploration.

I didn't intend to create a horror blog or a movie blog or a book blog, and I know this doesn't fall into any of those categories. That's why I called it Phantom of Pulp. Pulp, top me, is the product of fertile, unfettered minds.

I post stuff that gets lots of feedback and no feedback at all. Reviews of current releases get quick responses. Reviews of older flicks attract comments, too.

Porno-themed posts run hot and cold, if comments are anything to go by. Porno paperbacks seem to hit the spot for a select few, while my pieces on extreme pornography assume orphan status; either nobody wants them, or nobody wants to be seen to want them. Who knows?

I'll keep posting because extreme pornography, to me, says so much about human nature and our extraordinary diversity as a species. Posts on illustrators such as Toshio Saeki (a favorite) are generally well received by a consistent few, as are posts on current and not-so-current horror books.

The 109 of you who officially "follow" this blog are, no doubt, as different from each other in some ways as we are similar in other ways. Those differences keep the feedback hopping.

Personally, I'm a creature of extreme contrasts. On a weekend, I can eat breakfast while reading Toshio Saeki, then spend the rest of the morning watching Fly Away Home before screening In A Glass Cage for a friend in the afternoon. Before I fall asleep, I will probably crack open an Enid Blyton picture book that has just arrived from England.

I am fascinated by everything. EVERYTHING! My intellectual curiosity is unlimited. Hopefully, this blog reflects that.

The words weird, disgusting, and shocking rarely enter my internal lexicon. I find some material confronting, but, almost immediately, it becomes fascinating to me and worthy of further investigation. New obsessions are as regular as sunrises for me. The richness of our world is something to celebrate. Those who push again the tide of mediocrity need to be honored, embraced, and encouraged. I honor them here.

I want to thank and honor my 109 official Followers and those who Follow this blog discreetly for allowing me to share my passions with you and for contributing to the enrichment of my psyche.

If you folks were running the planet, I wouldn't need this blog.

As filmmaking duty calls (THE CLOTH DAGGER, my new film, is in production), I wish you all a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

See you in 2010.


  1. It's funny because I just hit over 100 followers myself and I made a similar post yesterday. :)

    I enjoy the immense variety I've found on your blog. Although I'm not usually one to comment on the extreme porn, I respect that you explore everything. From one filmmaker to the other, kudos for allowing yourself to explore anything and everything, and I wish my best of luck to you as you enter the crazy world of production with The Cloth Dagger.

  2. Hey! Im the 109th follower! Did I win anything? Anyhows, you got an interesting blog going on here! Congratulations, keep blogging about the unusual, the cool and bizarre!

    I salute ya!

  3. B-MB -- wow, you did hit 100. I just checked over there.

    Glad you enjoy the variety. I just naturally swing between all manner of diversity. It's not like I have to try.

    Thanks for encouragement on DAGGER; I'd like to see some of your work some time. Is it on-line?

  4. TFC -- Indeed, you are 109, sir. You only win "enlightenment" on this site -- although not sure where it's actually located. I've tried looking for 12 months.

    Thank you for the salute.

  5. Go ahead, Phantom! I always enjoy readin' your stuff. Good times! Seems like we're all havin' birfdays. The Cavalcade will be a year old in a little over two weeks. Then Aaron at the Death Rattle, his blog bday is I think Jan 1st and I've read a couple of other posts where folks just celebrated a year in the blog-i-verse. Seems we have more in common sometimes than we think.

    Keep rockin'

  6. I was #108. Well I may be new here but I dig the stuff your write about. Sock Girls to Ninja Assassin...its all good.

  7. Thank YOU!

    I'm always excited when I see that you've posted something new, because I know it's going to be something fascinating (and perhaps uncanny.) The thing I respect most -- beyond your ability to project your own enthusiasm and fascination into a post until it's infectious -- is your understanding and acceptance of the human condition. The only judgments I ever see in your posts are about, as you say yourself, coming across complacency in mediocrity.

    So from another film-(and theatre-) maker: thanks for that.

  8. Thanks again for all the great recs over the years and thanks for all the great posts over this year. You're one of the few people whose opinions on film I will use to gauge whether I will even check out some things.

    On the subject of extreme porn I don't often have much to say about it. When I was a kid, a rite of passage was watching a mondo movie or a porno movie for the first time and I've been trying to recapture those moments of shock and awe ever since. I will show a Genki video or some other such atrocity to a friend and they'll ask why I even have it and I never had a straight answer until now--BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING THERE!! I think I owe ya for that one, one of the many extremely honest lessons I've gleaned from this whole knowing you thing. There's no need to justify what turns you on (not that I was very apologetic for anything I dig to begin with...)

  9. ***currently o/s, so excuse slow replies***

    jenn -- Happy Birthday to you, too. I'm sure we do have a lot more in common than is obvious.

    Thanks for your kind message. Much appreciated.


    DPS -- thank you so much! It's interesting how acceptance is often misconstrued as cheerleading support by some -- so you get attacked for that. I truly am fascinated by the extremes or human behavior and steer clear of judgments because, generally, I respect another person's journey, even if I don't necessarily want to make it myself. I'm thinking of launching a series of docos on extreme subjects that interest me, so that should be fun. The human is the strangest animal on earth.

    Good luck with your own films and theatre projects.


    d -- Interesting comment. I like your "Because it's there" response. I used to get the WHAT DO YOU EVEN HAVE THIS? response to things I've shown people and I finally realized I was showing it to the wrong person. As a rule, humans are very unadventurous. A small percentage do all the crazy adventuring and the rest appreciate, criticize, get attached to, or try to ban it. That's just people.

    I like that my blog has brought together adventurous, unuique people, and I suspect all regulars probably have a difficult time now and then with the rest of humanity and its narrow-mindedness. Here, nobody's pointing fingers -- unless its Coffin Joe's finger into a deserving eyeball!!!

  10. I don't know what number I am but I'm glad I helped add to your list of followers - thanks for the great blog, Phantom!

  11. jervaise brooke hamsterDecember 16, 2009 at 1:13 PM

    Pornography represents the future for everybody in the world, the time of sexual repression is finally coming to a thankful and merciful end.

  12. Your blog is great because WE share similar interest: horror fiction, gore films, bizarre porn. In this layered world of complicated micro-trends, it's nice to find something that appeals to you.

    I also liked your film "Masturbating Gunman" It was well shot.

  13. Jeff -- welcome to this little universe of thinking, like-minded individuals.


    jervaise -- not sure if sexual repression is actually coming to an end. The many dimensions of sexuality are finding a forum, however, which is positive.


    Derek -- thanks for your comment re: "Mazgun".

    It is nice to find material that appeals; so much of what is out there and is pushed hard at us is bland and a rehash of something else.

    Welcome to the blog,.

  14. Hey Phantom,

    I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. The crazy thing is, I've never been able to sit through most horror movies and I rarely watch porn that's really out of the ordinary. I don't know what it is about this site, but I'm absolutely fascinated by the things you post here. Fuck, I'm just a kid from the 'burbs.

    So Thank you sir, for exploring the unknown and bizarre all in one place.

  15. Thawkins -- Terry Hawkins, I presume (LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET)?

    Thanks for visiting this little pit, Th.

    2010 will bring more discoveries, I assure you.

  16. Mark,

    I've always liked your writing and I often stop by here to see the newest piece of the bizarre that you serve up. You also have a way of telling it like it is that sometimes pisses me off if I disagree but is all and all very enlightening too. This blog is like a really cool museum, like if Robert Ripley ran a media center.

    I honestly myself think the porn has no place in a movie blog but I'm a little morally against porn for my own reasons. Inherently, it can be "erotica" that explores the beauty of human sensuality but too much of it these days is "video prostitution" that exploits effed up women (and women's lib is something you and I should probably not discuss). But I also think society's acceptance of gore and violence and prudishness toward sensuality is insane. You've also never been one to tone it down for the masses and for that you have my respect.

    I can get you a free screener of CONVERSATIONS WITH T.F. MOU once that's done (should be squared away by May).

  17. JL -- I appreciate your thoughtful comments and respect your personal view on these matters.

    As stated above, I can't consider this a movie blog because I focus on so many other things, too -- more a pop culture ephemera blog, but even that doesn't quite fit.

    I concur with your sentinment that society's acceptance of gore and violence, but prudishness towards sensuality, is "insane".

    I don't disagree that there is a big difference between "ërotica" and what companies like Dogma are doing; I just find it all fascinating, and have my own complex reactions to it also.

    I would love a screener of your CONVERSATIONS WITH TF MOU, JL. Your work with him that I have seen is really wonderful. Í'd be keen to do a write-up about it here.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  18. JL -- an addition: I try to keep "moral" judgment out of my writing here because so much of the material I write about is constantly judged, berated, and condemned by the mainstream. In the long run, inflammatory reactions inhibit any serious study of these areas of art/expression/commerce (it's all blended). There is merit in everything. It all depends on where you're coming from.

  19. I can't believe, in all of this, no one made mention of The Cloth Dagger magic. But I shall say no more in the interests of once more, being the ultimate spoiler alert. Enjoy home and all things over the rainbow, how much room do you have in your suitcase? Could you pick me up a boxed set of Vegemite?