Monday, March 1, 2010

Not The Lighter Side of Cannibalism

The crimes of Issei Sagawa have been pretty well documented.

In Paris, he invited a female student (Renee Hartevelt) to his apartment, killed her, slept with her, and ate her over the course of a week. Although the French authorities caught up with the flesh-loving fiend and incarcerated him, his wealthy, influential father petitioned for his release and he was spirited back to Japan. There, he was retried for his crimes, found insane, and released back onto the streets.

In the subsequent decades, he has worked as a painter, become a celebrity restaurant reviewer, and starred in a number of pink films (and documentaries).

In the totally nutty 7 Days of Sagawa, he recreates his crimes on videotape and agrees to have his non-existent athletic abilities scrutinized for purposes of mockery. He is clocked running (?) a single man race at a large sports stadium. He dribbles a basketball and drops it. He huffs and puffs his through an obstacle course, and attempts the long jump with disastrous consequences. Watching such a puny, sickly gnome participating in track sports provokes a mixture of incredulity and sadness. Later in the show, a hidden camera records Sagawa on a blind date with two unsuspecting schoolgirls. The most outrageous section is when the girls learn that their Romeo has a flesh-loving resume.

Sagawa starred in the odd Unfaithful Wife - Shameful Torture aka The Bedroom (Uwakizuma: Chijokuzeme; '92) from prolific and notorious pink director Hisayasu Sato, the unique talent behind Naked Blood, Lolita Vibrator Torture, and Survey Map of a Paradise Lost. He also has a small part in my friend Tomoaki Hosoyama's A Weatherman (Otenki-oneesan; '96). No doubt about it, Sagawa is a bizarre and troubling blip on Japanese subculture.

On top of these achievements, he also appeared in an X-rated movie (from the notorious Bazooka!) and released his own CD (see below).

Recently, I came across Sagawa's first person account of his flesh eating. I consider myself quite jaded when it comes to such material, but I must admit to not being unmoved by the thoughts and details below. My stomach did a somersault more than once.

If anybody is considering cannibalism, the reality of the act may provoke reconsideration.

We pick up the account after Sagawa has shot his victim. The accompanying art, which is rather good, is courtesy of Sagawa himself.

In his own words:

Afterwards I sleep with her.

Next morning she is still here. She doesn't smell bad. Today I must finish cutting up her body.I have to put it into suitcases and sink it in the lake. It will be her grave.

I touch the cold body again and I wonder where I should start. I start to cut off all the meat before amputating the limbs. While I cut her calf I suddenly want to taste it. I see the beautiful red meat beneath the fat. I grasp her knee and her ankle, and tear it with my teeth. It is tender. I slowly chew and savor it. After eating most of the calf I look at myself in the mirror. There is grease all over my face. And then I start to eat at random. I bite her little toe. It still smell of her feet. I stab the knife into her arch and see the red meat deep inside. I thrust my fingers inside and dig out the meat and put it in my mouth. It tastes okay. Then I stab the knife into her armpit. Ever since I saw it under her yellow sleeveless top I wondered how it would taste this good. The wonderful taste cheers me up and I devour her underarm up to the elbow.

Finally I cut off her private parts. When I touch the pubic hair it has a very bad smell. I bite her clit, but it won't come off, it just stretches. So I throw it in the frying pan and pop it in my mouth. I chew very carefully and swallow it. It is so sweet. After I swallow it, I feel her in my body and get hot. I turn the body over and open her buttocks, revealing her anus. I scoop it out with my knife and try to put it in my mouth. It smells too much. I put it in the frying pan and throw it in my mouth. It still smells. I spit it out. I go into the next room. It smell of fat, like I've been frying a chicken.

It's been twenty-four hours now. Some huge flies hover and buzz in the bathroom. I try to chase them away, but they came back. They swarm on her face. They seem to tell me that I've lost her forever. It is no longer her. Where is she? She's gone far away. I've broken her. Like a child who breaks his toy. I try to use an electric knife to cut her body. It doesn't work. It just makes a loud sound. I use a hatchet. I strike several times. It's hard work. I strike her thigh. Her body jumps up. If she could feel, it would have hurt.

Finally the thigh separates from her body. I bite it again, like I would bite a chicken leg. Then I cut off her arms. It is even harder than the thigh. I use the electric knife again. It makes a shrill sound, like the sound of her shrill voice. It works this time. Her hand still wears a ring and a bracelet. When I see her long fingers I am driven by another impulse. I use her hand to masturbate. Her long fingers excite me.

When I'm finished I try to bite her finger. I can't. I'm disappointed. I put her hands into the plastic bag along with her legs. And then I see her face. It is still quiet. She has a small nose and a sweet lower lip. When she was alive I wanted to bite them. Now I can satisfy that desire. It's so easy to bite off her nose. As I chew the cartilage I can hear the noise. I use a knife to cut off more of the cartilage and put it in my mouth. It really doesn't taste very good. I scoop out her lower lip with my knife and put it in my mouth. It has hard skin. I decide to eat it later when I can fry it. So I put it in the refrigerator.I want her tongue. I can't open her lower jaw, but I can reach in between her teeth. Finally it comes out. I cut it off and put it in my mouth. It's hard to chew. I see my face in the mirror. Her tongue entwined with my tongue. I try to close my mouth, but her tongue slips out.

Finally I cut the skin off the tongue and taste the meat.I try to eat her eyes. It's hard for me to stab into them, though it is the easiest part of her face. I can tears coming from them. It frightens me. Her eyes are all that is left of her face. It is nearly a skull.

I decide to take out her stomach. When I stab under her navel a little fat appears and then I can see the red meat under the fat. I slice a piece of the red meat and put it on a plate. Then I stab into the stomach. The internal organs appear. There is a great length of rolled tubes and I find a gray bag at the end of the tubes. It must be the bladder. There is a strong smell as soon as I pick it up. I thrust my hand into her body cavity. There is another bag. It must be her womb. If she had lived she would have had a baby in this womb. The thought depresses me for a moment.

"The public has made me the godfather of cannibalism, and I am happy about that. I will always look at the world through the eyes of a cannibal." Issei Sagawa


  1. Damn. That is some revolting stuff. Still very interesting though. What a creepy lil' fucker.

  2. The CD release you mention is actually a conceptual EP based on Sagawa's crimes by black metal/noise artist Gnaw Their Tongues.

  3. Rev -- a very creepy fucker.


    Anonymous -- thanks for setting me straight. Stupidly, I thought GNAW THEIR TONGUES was the album's name.

  4. a murderously bitter (although incredibly truthful) little gitMarch 3, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    This scumbag is just another hideous product of J. Robert Oppenheimer and his colleagues (essentially the saviours of the world) at the Manhatton Project (circa 1945) just like the other 120 million lunatics who live there who still cant accept that they lost the war (thankfully) and that America has been their masters for the past 65 years.

  5. ^^
    We could say that about every fucked up freak from everywhere, that the wretched decadent capitalist American society bred John Wayne Gacy and so forth. Just because Sagawa is Japanese doesn't mean that he speaks for all Japanese people, though it was grossly unjust he got away with it and became a sick cult figure. Sadly it was all legal loopholes, international tape and then sensationalist culture to blame, things that America suffers from deeply too. This does shows the worst of Japan's racism and Nihoncentric attitude, if he had done that to a Japanese woman on Japanese soil he'd be executed by now like Tsutomu Miyazaki (whom you all probably know).

    Sagawa has always fascinated and repulsed me, I've thought about making a film about him, but it just wouldn't be watchable. I once thought more seriously about making a really mean spirited short comedy flick where he hosts an "Iron Chef" like show and dices up a dead woman's corpse, but I decided most people aren't as macabre in their humor as we are and wouldn't find that even remotely amusing. Instead I mocked him a little bit by modeling the character of The Wolf in my film LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD off him (also Albert Fish, who bore some similarities in his crime and how he later detailed it).

    Our society sadly breeds these people for a variety of reasons, but mostly economic and sociological, you know, it's so difficult to forge a comfortable existence in this system and normalcy is so voraciously encouraged that many people feel "cast out". In Japan the latter is especially bad, so that's why people like Sagawa and Miyazaki spring out of the woodwork.

  6. a murderously bitter (although incredibly truthful) little gitMarch 12, 2010 at 1:09 PM

    Hey, J.L., just be thankful that Japan (or Germany) didn`t emerge victorious in 1945 otherwise there would be a thousand times as many "fucked up freaks" in the world than there are now.

  7. Possibly true, but they didn't, so who cares now? We have our own problems these days (mostly due to America's high off the hog plundering).

    My point is please read a history book and look of some of what went on during Medieval Times. Vlad the Impaler did things that would make Heinrich Himmler puke. The British Empire wiped Native American tribes off the face of the Earth with all the brutality and injustice of the Japanese Imperial Army.

    Oh and General MacArthur bought off all of Unit 731's data and let the people responsible for those horrors go free just so the Soviets wouldn't get it. Shiro Ishii, the psycho who ran the place, later was employed bu the US and with all likelyhood helped developed chemical weaponry for the Korean War.

    Why don't you rag on the Islamic fucks who slice women's clits off on a daily basis if you want to point fingers at any one culture?

  8. a murderously bitter (although incredibly truthful) little gitMarch 31, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    Theres no question that the British have caused more problems for the rest of the world over the last 1500 years than every other nation put together (the British are essentially the wolves in sheeps clothing of the planet earth). Eradicate the British (and all faggots as well whether they are British or not) and you would have a perfect world with-in 30 years or less guaranteed.

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