Friday, February 11, 2011

Incredible Maniac Poster

My brother just sent me a link to this, and I had to share it.

In no uncertain terms, it is the best Maniac poster I have seen yet.

Fucking amazing.

Perfectly captures the sadness and pathos of the character.

Without the ridiculous Caroline Munro character, the film would have been drastically elevated to a dark character study. For mine, this poster IS the dark character study that Maniac, unfortunately, is not (even though I remain a fan).


  1. I agree. I still haven't finished Maniac. I made it to the scene of the slaying on the beach and passed out. I will have to return full-force soon and when I do review this film, I will use that excellent poster.


  2. Spinell looks like me when i`m out looking for Heather O`Rourke lookalikes.

  3. I`ve got a great new title for this film...thats guessed it...first time..."GIRL-IAC".

  4. Beautiful collection. I want that first one. It'll fit in at the Cavalcade Mansion perfectly :)

  5. jervaise brooke hamsterFebruary 11, 2011 at 4:04 PM

    I`d literally give a lottery win to poke my knob up Jenns bum, that bird is so delicious.

  6. Hi!
    I just discovered your awesome blog
    Really refreshing, honest and sincere, i love it!
    Great to see other people attracted to the dark side of human nature, all the sleazy and violent side of it.
    I love a lot of the movies you're talking about, and i also enjoyed that you talk about Toshio Saeki, a really great and weird painter.


  7. Raph -- great to have you aboard, Raph.
    Like you, I'm a huge fan of Saeki. I really can't get enough of him -- and I've tried getting more than enough.
    No doubt you'd like my Love of the Brute posts (Samura Hiroaki) and the Antoine Bernhart ones, too.
    As much as p[ossible, I do try to write sincerly and honestly about this material because it pisses me off that's it's so often maligned and dismissed because the subject matter makes people uncomfortable.
    In my book, that's no reason to dismiss its virtues.
    It's either good or bad. The subject is irrelevant.

  8. Jenn -- I'd like to visit your mansion some time. I'm sure I'd feel very relaxed there.

  9. Yeah man, I just seen yor posts about Samura Hiroaki and Antoine Bernhart. I already knew the last one (i'm actually from France)and love his work. Great discover concerning Hiroaki. I'm glad to see you talk about movies such as Seul Contre Tous, Angst, Bronson, LA Zombie, Trash Humpers, and all the good old drive in/rare/underground films you wrote about.
    I'm passionated by all this shit too.
    Also by serial killers, life in prison, minds of criminals, weird art, ufos and stuff. Yeah a lot of things you're talking about on your blog. That' why i find it very interesting.

    I dont know if you ever read the fanzines/books by ROBIN BOUGIE. He does a zine about sleazy movies called CINEMA SEWER, trash porn comics under the name SLEAZY SLICE, and a bunch of underground fanzines like one about incest, or hookers with interviews of johns, prostitutes, etc... Amazing work.

    Have you seen SCHRAMM by Jorg Butgereit (1993)?

  10. Raph -- I like Mr. Bougie's stuff a lot. He visits here quite often, and his blog is listed on my blog list (to the right).

    The movies you mentioned above are all fantastic.

    I like SCHRAMM very much, as I also like DER TODESKING, NEKROMANTIK 1 and 2. Great soundtracks also.

  11. I make a fanzine about underground culture and the next iussue will have interviews with Bougie, Angelique Bosio (she's done a documentary about Cinema de Transgression and the late 70s-80s NYC underground scene - Richard Kern, Nick Zedd... And her doc about Bruce LaBruce called The Advocate Of Fag will be out soon), and alos bands Mike, Eyehategod singer, Anus Idiota, a crazy fuck from Italy who lives now in Clevo, singer for some scum punk bands, and last but not least George Tabb, a great punk rocker who did a LOT of bands, was friend with Dead Boys/Ramones and also played in Summer Of Sam directed by Spike Lee. Plus a shitload of sleazy weird things. If you're interested i could send you a copy.

  12. That is a piece of work all right. I'm less fond of that Grindhouse Releasing/Blue Underground poster, but the two photo posters really capture some interesting moments.

  13. Wow, that is an amazing poster. If you are interested, I did a write up on the unmade MANIAC II that Spinell worked on for years (with some pre-production art).