Friday, August 5, 2011

Ad Mat Obscurities Strike Back

I like Australian director Rolf De Heer's films very much. This little gem, about divorce's impact on children, is little seen but much appreciated.

It would make an ideal double feature with Roger Donaldsen's Smash Palace, another searing film about divorce and its impact on children.  

De Heer also made the one and only Bad Boy Bubby.

La Vie Parisienne (Parisian Life) is a great French farce from director Christian-Jaque.

I saw this when I was fifteen because of the poster. It wasn't what I expected.   It was good, nonetheless.

The Rivoli, which has been a popular Melbourne landmark for decades, was located approximately ten miles from my house. I finished my dinner, locked myself in my room to "study", and slipped out the bedroom window where my bicycle waited.

I cycled like crazy through backstreets, down laneways, across railway lines, and along tram tracks rendered slippery and dangerous by non-stop rain. Was I insane? All this to see up a woman's dress? Of course!

It was one of Melbourne's wettest nights for years, and this fact was screamed at me by my mother when I returned home a drenched rat and was forced to knock on the front door to gain access. My absence discovered, the window had been locked to prevent clandestine entry.

After thirty minutes of vocal discipline, my mother reluctantly asked what movie I'd actually seen. I mumbled "La Vie Parisienne".  She looked puzzled. "Isn't that a French comedy? It's only rated G. Why would you ever want to see that? Nobody gets killed in that, and nobody takes their clothes off."

"I enjoyed it."


I nodded, then accepted a towel for my hair.

My mother looked me up and down and sighed. She allowed the slightest of smiles. "Perhaps there's hope."

Really amusing Dustin Hoffman pic from Pietro Germi. Released '72, five years after The Graduate.

Hoffman's Italian hero is dubbed.

The film was made after Straw Dogs and just before Papillon and Lenny

Not on DVD in the US or UK.

Saw it at a drive-in with my father. He was probably expecting Straw Dogs with Italian accents. He got a ball-busting wife instead. Hell, he could have stayed home for that and saved his money.

Me, I'm glad he didn't.

We shared some culture together instead.

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  1. jimmie t. murakamiAugust 6, 2011 at 8:36 AM

    The little girl on the bed looks like a 7 year-old version of Penelope Sudrow from "A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" (1987).