Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mary SanGiovanni's 'For Emmy'

This is disturbing, stunning artwork, and I'm sure writer Mary SanGiovanni is happy with it. A book cover is so important because, despite the mantra, people do judge books by it. I know I do!  Honestly, shitty, generic artwork puts me off. Art needs to evoke a feeling, a milieu, a landscape of the mind -- if it doesn't, the words beyond the covers become irrelevant to the unconverted browser because it's a 'No Sale'.
I haven't read the book yet (it's ordered!), but I already know that the arresting looking (in a dark, perverse way) Ms. San Giovanni is a very talented writer who imbues her work with an uneasy dread.

Giovanni scores again with killer cover art!

Her debut novel, The Hollower (an '07 release from the defunct Leisure horror line), was a focused piece of protracted anxiety about a thing with the ability to fuck with the deepest aspects of your self. It read smoothly and felt fresh.

"Sometimes no matter how vigilant you are, you can't keep loved ones safe" is the blurb that Bloodletting Press is using to tout the merits of this novel, a short one at one-oh-seven pages with a limited print run of one-fifty. 

Kudos to the illustrator and to Bloodletting for marketing this novel with feeling.

Gotta say it: It turns me on when women write horror because they're breaking the mold. If a woman wants to go dark, she's got my attention.

Other female writers (not all horror) I admire are Caitlin R. Kiernan, Kaaron Warren, Louise Cooper, Katie Hickman,  Alice Vachhs, Billie Sue Mosiman, Susan Hill, and Enid Blyton.

A little noir, a lot of dread. 


  1. Not a bad looking bird.

  2. Book cover artwork is important to me also being an artist myself. That doesn't mean that a good book with a bad cover can't be one that I'd like but if the book has a great cover it just makes it all the more tastier when it comes time to reading it. My book is going slowly but surely and lately I've been really happy with what I'm coming up with. I just hope when it comes time to get it published all will go well. The weekend is almost upon us again. Am I the only one who feels like I'm living in a world that has sped up amazingly fast? I really think these earthquakes have changed the Earth's axis and therefore has changed time. Hope all is good with you Phantom! Just checking in. ♥

  3. jervaise brooke hamsterSeptember 1, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    Bekkie's entire universe seems to revolve exclusively around her love of, and obsession with, friday night. She must hate monday morning so much.

  4. jervaise brooke hamsterSeptember 1, 2011 at 8:00 PM

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  5. jervaise brooke hamsterSeptember 7, 2011 at 6:34 AM

    Phantom, i`m still waiting for you to do that tribute to Pauline Hickey, you could call it "THE MOST LEGENDARY PAGE-3 BIRD OF ALL-TIME", as i`ve said before, when that bird was 17 in 1985 i genuinely believe she was the most incredible bird i`ve ever seen, in fact, even though i`ve got access to thousands of hard-core clips its surprising how much time i still spend jerking-off to "THE PAULINE HICKEY FAN PAGE" and "PAULINE HICKEY VINTAGE PORN", like i said, that bird was absolutely fucking ass-tounding ! ! !. By the way, i`m really looking forward to seeing which pictures of her you choose to illustrate her greatness, as it were.

  6. Hey dude, what do you think of Poppy Z. Brite? I'm currently reading Exquisite Corpse - I'm not going ga-ga over it but it's definitely keeping my attention.

  7. Bekkie -- thanks, Bekkie. We agree on the importance of an intriguing cover. Something is wonky with the Earth. As usual, certain people ignore the science in lieu of their own personal investments.


    Milky -- I like Poppy Z. Brite. I hesitated to put her on my list only because she's quite well known. I like her personal point of view.

  8. jervaise brooke hamsterSeptember 11, 2011 at 1:24 PM

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  9. Ah, I just noticed she's an Apostle of Pulp. I gotta be sharper!

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