Monday, November 21, 2011

Trailer for My New Feature 'FERTISLE'

Blog posts have been spotty this year due to the fact that I've been working on two features and an epic documentary.

All three are finally taking shape as tangible entities and here is the trailer for the first one, Fertisle.

A man at war with himself, washed up on a strange South Pacific island, becomes its unwanted guest, and the target of a native woman who wants nothing but to be left alone.

The film is the first feature of US-, Japan-, and Australia-based production company, Cinenature, an outfit specializing in strong genre material for the international market.

My cinematic obsessions -- male/female relationships, dolls, islands, the ocean, the grotesque, and the beautiful -- are given full voice here.



  1. I really like what I see :)It has a haunting quality to it. Which I really dig.

    The scenery is absolutely amazing. A definite highlight for me was the brief moment where the nude female character is standing atop some rock formation with her arms outspread.

    The eerie children's laughter is also really effective.

    Best wishes!

  2. I posted this before, but I think it didn't go through.

    In an old Shakespeare class, an instructor was doing Othello, and he told us the play takes place on the isle of Cyprus because Cyprus is between Greece (civilization/Desdemona) and the Muslim lands (Othello/perceived savagery). So islands are potent symbols and they're a great obsession for a filmmaker.

    That being said, this looks like a great film, and that beautiful female lead looks like she could kick my ass.

  3. Looks good. Not gonna pretend I know anything about cameras but these images are really crisp. The location is obviously gorgeous. Good luck with it.

    Whatever happened to Cloth Dagger?

  4. Nice, that definitely peaked my curiosity. Looking forward to it, dude! \m/

  5. Toxaemia -- very happy that you dig this. Sweet that you're drawn to the laughter and female expression.


    Mac -- islands ARE my obsession, so, yes, for a filmmaker, they're golden. Your instinct is right. I think the actress, Mervina, could kick all our asses.


    d-- Thanks so much, sir. Location was amazing.

    CLOTH DAGGER has kinda morphed into POND SCUM. Will explain one day.

  6. Just watched the trailer for fert-isle and it looks great. I think I know the island in the Hauraki Gulf where it was filmed - used to fish there. The actress is stunning - how did you find her? Mervina a nice name for a good looking girl like that. I would say working alongside her naked her would be distracting? When is the release?