Friday, January 11, 2013

Hidden Pictures of Cruelty

Kazunori Kanze is one of three artists whose extraordinary work is showcased in Hidden Pictures of Cruelty (2011) from Japanese publisher Atelier Third.

A digest-sized book, it features more than a hundred truly dark and disturbing visions from Kanze, Seiyo Usui, and Takashi Shima. 

This Seiyo Usui piece is typical of the artist's deliciously troubling work.

One of dozens of Takashi Shima's contributions. 

Anybody with an interest in artists Robert Bishop, DeMullotto, Hiroaki Samura, Toshio Saeki, Trevor Brown, Romain Slocombe, Jun Hayami, Horihone Saizou, Shintaro Kago, Waita Uziga, and Suehiro Maruo will more than warm to this intense and beautiful publication.

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