Monday, January 26, 2009

The Erotic Engineer

Chimushi II (Editions Treville for Pan-Exotica, April 2003) is a stunning showcase of Toshio Saeki's more recent color work.

A recurring theme in Saeki's work is aberrant sexuality and the plight of those forced to come to terms with it.

I love the simplicity of this powerful image.

Common also are sex partners of advanced age, figures of authority, and syringes.

Saeki has no peer.

Timothy Leary calls him an "Erotic Engineer".

Who can disagree with that?


  1. Amazing! I've been using this ( as an avatar for over a year and forgot where I found it. Such detailed and provocative imagery. I love it.

  2. You have no idea, D, how I welcomed your comment about Toshio Saeki's work.

    I have posted two or three lots of it on this blog and I've never had a response.

    That doesn't necessarily mean that nobody likes his stuff, but I was starting to think that I was on my own here.

    I think Toshio is extraordinary, and I'm not at all surprised that it connects with you.

    His books are sublime. Truly sublime. I'm trying to collect them all (there are over a doizen), but it's so hard because most are long out print.

    Last Gasp sometimes have the Chimushi I & II volumes. They quickly sell out, though.

    Of all the artists I have books on (and I have hundreds), I feel closest to Saeki. When I first came across him, it felt like the first time I visited Japan. I was in the "home" of my heart and soul.

    I will definitely post more scans.

    Unfortunately, scanning requires me to open the books up much murder than I would ever usually do. I have found a way to do it that doesn't cause spines to split or crease. It hurts like hell, though.

    Good hurt, of course.

  3. I think I first came across this stuff in the now defunct and have been aching for more. It's incredible stuff that really stirs your imagination... well, mine anyway. It's so nonchalantly perverse and sometimes comes with a combo plate of sadness. I'll be looking forward to more scans and more posts on Hino and the like. There's a lot of interesting manga style fan art on /b/ and the like but none can compare to this.

  4. Yes, D, the perversion/sadness combo is what gives it its bite.

    I love the illustrations which depict a partner coming to terms with their significant mother's bizarre proclivities.