Friday, April 8, 2011

A Pig of a Film

  Pig, which thinks it's shocking, is actually boring.  It's about a GG Allin look-alike who abuses, rapes, and kills some women on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. These activities are conveyed via a dozen or so one-shot takes. The sun is almost always low on the horizon, so there's constant flare and assorted visual sloppiness. The sound recording is terribly inconsistent, too. It sounds like you're getting what they got during shooting. Much of it is off-mic or inaudible.

The film's only saving grace are excerpts from Tom Leykis's radio show. The GG Allin look-alike plays these when he's in his pick-up or casually raping one of his victims. Leykis, a truly original radio voice who, for years, has explored relationship issues from the male point of view, is heard advising his listeners on what not to do when you date a broad.

 Filmmaker Adam Mason further handicaps a thin scenario by playing inappropriate music over the "action". It's like he has no faith in his material and got bored during the edit. While I endured this, I did try to imagine the thing without music. It would have been a bit more effective.
If any of this sounds remotely interesting, I'm sorry to have misled you. Despite the fact that the subject is depravity, too much of it is definitely a bad thing. Yes, we get some rape, some murder, some disembowelment, and some shooting, but it's dull and monotonous. Have you ever experienced somebody screaming into your face for ninety minutes? It's not much fun, is it? The experience of watching Pig is equal to that.

I won't reveal the film's final twist, but it's not too bad. It's kind of amusing, actually.

 Andrew Howard, who plays the film's weekend psychopath, takes  his job seriously, but Mason does nothing to rein him in when necessary. He overacts at every opportunity. Lorry O'Toole, who plays the psycho's pregnant girlfriend, seems to be channeling 'Shelly', Stan's psychotic retard sister, from South Park. She's acceptable in her role, but irritating (like Shelly, I guess).  What's most lacking here is shading. The depraved acts lose all impact because there's no contrast. Everything is manic and "evil". Mason ought to take a careful look at Texas Chainsaw (the original) in order to learn how to do depravity effectively. Despite its rep, that film is not non-stop violence and dismemberment. It derives much of its power from contrast.

Unfortunately, Mr. Leykis's fine work is not credited here.

 The talented and extraordinary Tom Leykis

I find that insulting to the man and seriously disrespectful; it's ironic, too, because he's the only human involved with this mess (unknowingly probably) who possesses true talent.


  1. Tom Leykis- an object of mild amusement here in the over-educated northeast. Between the looks and the banter, not a woman on earth could love him for himself alone. Is it any wonder he has such a chip on his shoulder?

  2. Anon -- You are missing the point. I don't think Tom is trying to be loved. If you listened to his show on a regular basis, you'd understand that he provides a little-aired voice for men and their reality that is usually drowned out by the pussified, female-centric media. Many might not like how he delivers his message, but it is a message that empowers young men and encourages them to not get into relationships too early, use a condom, get an education, get a pre-nup, not get married 'til you're 30, and avoid gold-digging females. Surely that's a set of rules any mother or father would be happy to hand to their son. Or do you prefer the Disneyfied handbook of life where every woman is a "princess" and the man's job is to make her dreams come true. Excuse my French, but fuck that! Unfortunately, most over-educated men embrace that one. Lucky them!

  3. You see, and this is why I adore the pop-cultured prose of misogynist Dick Masterson.

    Why, I actually got hate mail from some random on facebook last night for posting a video of a police officer getting slapped by an irritated, large woman. He scolds her, waits, and smacks her back. I posted the video and claimed it to be satisfying to watch her receive comeuppance. This man then chat messaged me calling me a "sad fagget" and that "my gf must have left me cuz im pathetic". I hate effeminate males.


  4. When I saw the title, I was so hoping it would be about the incredible short made by Nico B. and Rozz Williams. Dang.

  5. MondoHeather -- no, this is the smelly, rotten PIG. The other PIG is the pig of choice.

  6. jervaise brooke hamsterApril 16, 2011 at 4:56 AM

    I want to bugger MondoHeather. By the way, its great to know that mAQ is as murderously homo-phobic as me, i just wish he`d stop reveiwing so much pansy queer bull-shit over on Soiled Sinema.

  7. Even if it's not my thing. Congrats on being Blog of Note Today.

  8. Man, this movie looks like a tub of suck.

  9. jarheadxbox -- unfortunately, more suck than fuck, mate. Still rinsing it out of my brain.


    Elise -- thank you.


    unfoundfinds -- I didn't even know what Blog of Note was, but I looked it up. Have no idea why they picked me. I won't complain, though. And, hey, this blog may be more your "thing" than you know. You might discover something about yourself. Happy hunting!