Sunday, February 26, 2012

Very Heavy Number

 A book that keeps on keeping on.

Part of my collection for some years, this fine tale of a jailbait slut and the boys who do her bidding, sports a stunning cover that is typical of Thomas's other books. These include the excellent Reds and Turn Me On.


I picked this book up soon after publication and read it while also consuming Guy N. Smith's Night of the Crabs at the same time. Ironically, Smith's sex scenes were more explicit, but Thomas's sleaze quotient was higher and the crime aspects were very solid.

I love that the book opens with Shannon, the "heroine", getting high, and informs us that she started "blasting" at fourteen (!) God bless that gal.

You don't hear much about Thomas these days, which is a crying shame, because he was a true original.

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  1. Me thinks I'll be picking this up in the near future.

    I love that top image you posted. What's the name of that look where part of the butt cheek hangs down? I fuckin love that. This and the underboob look should be gaining mainstream success any day now.