Sunday, February 26, 2012

How To Sell A Laboratory of the Devil

This Laboratory of the Devil sales brochure, used to sell the film to potential distributors at global film markets, is using sizzle to sell a sausage that never tasted as good as its parent. Still, it was worth the trip from an exploitation perspective.

It's the sequel to TF Mous' one-of-a-kind Man Behind the Sun, an authentic atrocity exhibition that used Japan's 731 camp as its launching place and managed to be both a fascinating historical document and a balls-to-the-wall piece of exploitation. 

Elekton Ebooks ( is selling the electronic version of Stephen Barber's Sadists of the Rising Son, an in-depth look at the camp and its gloomy history.

Mous, director of the original, did not return for this or the third entry.

The film is also known as Maruta 2: Laboratory of the Devil, and the third film is known as Maruta 3: Destroy All Evidence and A Narrow Escape. Neither title can extinguish its stench. 


  1. I was nervous about watching MBTS when I first got the Japan Shock dvd. And with good reason. That movie still gets under my skin. Have you seen Philosophy Of A Knife? Equally disturbing.

  2. Yes, I like PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE a lot. It's very honest. Well, that tends to be the separating line between mainstream and non-mainstream. The mainstream movies are built on the lies society throws at us about love, marriage, kids, "security", and fear. The non-mainstream, when it's good, dishes us the ugly truth, because facing the truth if free-ing yourself. That's why I prefer it. Fuck the lies.