Monday, February 27, 2012

Hong Kong Movie Mags

Just a selection of mags I've recently re-visited and re-packed. 

Hong Kong Film Magazine (USA)
Publisher: Grant Foerster
Editor-in-Chief: Rolanda Chu
Contributors: Rolanda Chu, David Hernandez, Grant Foerster, Beth Accomando, Vera Chan, Jade Li, Terry Chao

The 80's and 90's truly were a glorious time for Hong Kong cinema and Hong Kong-themed magazines produced by both rabid fans and professionals. 

China Blitz (Australia)
Publisher/Editor: Kris Kotsiakos
Contributors: Kris Kotsiakos, Frank Bren, Van Lee, Mark Savage

I was always on the hunt for new or old  issues of CINEMart. Although I read no Chinese, the mag had an impressive color section and usually included a poster.

Cinemart (Hong Kong)
Publisher/Chief Editor: Hin Kwong Lau

Although not strictly focused on Hong Kong content only, this ratty little gem was right there when Hong Kong films were turning unsuspecting Westerners into salivating fanboys and lifelong aficionados.   

Crimson Celluloid (Australia)
Editors: Brett Garten, David Nolte, Ant Timpson
Contributors: Michael Helms, Tony Egan, Shane Harrison, Dr. Vern Pullen, David Szurek, Joey Inferno, Richard Kuipers, Stewart Robinson, Don R. Kebab, Brett Garten, Ant Timpson, David Nolte

City Entertainment focused on anything exciting playing in Hong Kong, be it Hong Kong-produced or American. Full color throughout, it featured stunning poster reproductions, box office reports, laser disc news, and actor/director/producer profiles.

I picked up my first copy on a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong.

City Entertainment (Hong Kong)

I had a subscription to this for several years. Never less than interesting.

MAMA (Martial Arts Movie Associates) (USA)
Publisher/Editor: Ric Meyers
Contributors: Ric Meyers, Bill and Karen Palmer, William Connolly   

Another idiosyncratic winner with a mountain of great content.

Hong Kong Film Connection (USA)
Publisher/Editor: Clyde Gentry III
Contributors: Sam Ho, Joey O'Bryan, Barrie Pattison, Curtis Tsui, Clyde Gentry III


  1. Did you ever read Damon Foster's long running (from late 70s to five years ago) magazine "Oriental Cinema"? It was thee best. My favourite! That guy lived and breathed Asian genre films ever since he was five but he wasn't a nerd. He was a punk and his writing was fun cos he was so opinionated. And very knowledgeable too. No PC shit.

  2. Jack J -- yes, I have all his mags. He was a great source. I will include his mags in a another post some time. Definitely preferred Foster's mag BECAUSE he was opinionated. You wouldn't get too much opinion from MAMA.

  3. I refer to that Ringo Lam interview from Hong Kong Film Magazine whenever anybody brings up the Reservoir Dogs / City On Fire "theft". Great interview! I wish I still had my copy...

  4. NLJ -- yes, great interview. There aren't that many with Lam. There is an upcoming doco on HK films in which he is interviewed.