Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Circus of Dread Is Coming

My next project, Circus of Dread, has had a lengthy gestation period, and is finally approaching production.

Bill Oberst Jr. and Domiziano Arcangeli topline this dark, brutal, sensual, and action-packed story of two brothers sucked into the grotesque maelstrom of an underground circus.

Without a doubt, this is just the sort of Pulp that this blog is dedicated to --  and , I trust, something special for lovers of dark, weird, and 'fantastique' cinema. 

As a lifelong lover, devotee, and fan of this material, my mission is to make a movie that I would love to see myself, that I would embrace for its originality, passion, and raw truth.

That's my challenge, and its my responsibility to engage my audience, give them a cracking good time, and disturb the shit out of them with compelling characters in unpredictable situations.

This first piece of art is by the brilliant Santiago Caruso, whose work I've showcased several times on this blog. For me, it perfectly captures the spirit of this considerable creative undertaking, a true collaboration of like-minded individuals. They know who they are, and I'm grateful to them all.

The circus IS coming! Nothing can stop it.


  1. So essentially you see yourself as a cross between Jodorowsky and Cronenberg!?.

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! And the artwork is amazing-

  3. That looks really cool. The artwork was great.

  4. :) i am much looking forward to taking this cinematic journey you are preparing to unleash upon us. Congratulations it sounds like a perversely interesting splinter from your minds eye. I am also ever curious about the two novels mentioned you are working on. Sound like you are staying productive glad to hear someone is exercising the "beast" instead of exorcising it. Yet again for sharing another stimulating artist such as Santiago Caruso as always you have exquisite taste.

  5. Anon/Shawn/Anon2 -- Thank you all for your kind comments.

    I stay as productive as possible despite the usual realities of the entertainment business.

    About the business I'm never terribly confident, but there are always surprises in store, and if one shows up often enough, one may be struck by lightning.

    The novels are nearing completion, so I'll keep you abreast.