Saturday, April 27, 2013

The ANGST/Schizophrenia Blu-Ray

The French (Carlotta) Blu-Ray of Gerard Kargl's ANGST (aka 'Schizophrenia') is a revelation, and, for the first time, footage missing from gray market copies is re-instated, further underscoring why the film was such a massive influence on Gasper Noe's I STAND ALONE, his best film (in my opinion).

Now, it can be seen that I.S.A. directly lifted its historical credit montage from ANGST, and imitated the very best. ANGST's re-instated credit sequence features photographs, writings, and family photos of the killer, placing his entire being in historical and cultural context. Noe added more dramatic music, but the homage is, nonetheless, a direct one.

Pre-credit sequence, not shown on gray market copies, depicts the killings that put the killer in the slammer in the first place. The extraordinary Erwin Leder wears Kargl's 'body camera' in this introductory sequence as he knocks on empty doors in a quiet neighborhood looking for lives to end.

A Blu-Ray I thought I'd never own is another reminder that Blu-Ray rules and downloading of inferior elements sucks elephant dicks.

Thank you, Carlotta, Kargl, and Leder for your contributions to the extras, too. Mr. Noe makes an appearance also, respectfully citing the film's influence on him.

Although not English subbed, a rudimentary familiarity with French or Italian makes the French subs more user-friendly. If you've seen the film thirty times (as I have), subs are simply not necessary. Still, an English-subbed version would be a cherry on top of a very rich pie.

This is a day to celebrate, and a film to honor. First seen over fifteen years ago, it gets better and bleaker with age.

Quality of transfer is surprisingly wonderful.

Cinematic orgasms all 'round!


  1. So I take the darkening-up of the murder sequences that's been threatened by Kargl (who apparently no longer likes the film) isn't present in this release?

  2. Adam -- nope! The murder sequences are quite visible, and there's an added one now in the prologue. A great release. An interview in English with DP, too.

    Glad Kargl didn't make good on his threats.