Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Delicious Hell of Jun Hayami

Extraordinary imagery from Jun Hayami's BLOODSTAINED ANGELS (2011), available in the US from

Perhaps better than any other Japanese artist, Hayami captures intense, cruel, vile, sociopathic sexuality that also has its opposite, an opposite rarely allowed by mainstream media.

The artistry is absolute, consistent, and troubling in the very best way.

Definitely not for all tastes, each work is a voyage into illustrated hell.

Thankfully, the only real hurt is to the trees from which the paper comes.


  1. Excelente post Phantom, muchas gracias por compartirlo. Te quiero invitar a mi nuevo Blog de Cine de Terror que seguramente te gustará, espero tus comentarios en:

    Un gran saludo, Oz.

  2. Oz -- Gracias por la invitación y por visitar mi blog. Tu blog se ve muy interesante.