Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The NFOH Problem

To describe the condition I'm thinking about, I'd rather not use the expression "it's a no-brainer" because I'm surely educated enough to try harder. How about I use "not a fuckin' ounce of hesitation (NFOH)" instead? That describes it.

I'm referring to movies you just keep spending money on. New editions. New cuts. Improved transfers. New extras. Restorations. Hideous bootlegs promising gold and delivering turds. Versions shitted out of some porn star's orifice. Versions revived, re-loved, masturbated over, re-edited, raped by censors, and run through the worst of projectors with nary a cleaned frame in sight.

What are your NFOH's? What are the films that never lose their spark for you? That you shell out hard-earned bucks for over and over and over again until you're staring poverty in the kisser? What films will bury you? End your misguided existence? Break up your marriage? Destroy your future?

The subject came up today when I learned that a French company, Carlotta Film, had just put out a BluRay of Gerard Kargl's extraordinary ANGST aka SCHIZOPHRENIA. Until today, I've been making do with a shitty, fan-subbed DVD-R and a half decent DVD without subs. Those two disks have been servicing my cinematic needs like two old but reliable callgirls for longer than I can remember. Still, the prospect of Erwin Leder on Blu, the Klaus Schulze music on Blu, the lurid, dazzling visuals of ANGST on Blu, was just too much. I couldn't resist.  Actually, I never had anything TO resist. I went into robot mode and bought it.

The BluRay is not subtitled in English -- but did I give a fuck? No. Did I hesitate to flick open my wallet, rip out my credit card, and head straight to for a purchase? Hell, no. It was a done deal the moment I got the mail about it. ANGST is a NFOH of the first order. There wasn't a second's pause to consider the fact that there would be no subtitles on the feature or the extras; there'd be the amazing Leder voice-over, sure, but I wouldn't be understanding it so well because German is not a language I speak. However, I've seen ANGST at least thirty times, so I pretty much remember every poisonous line.

The NFOH condition is a serious one, an addiction, a blot on one's financial sobriety.

What are the other NFOH films that threaten to destroy my sanity, force me to question my sanity?

Not in order, and there aren't too many, but here they are...

What are yours?



  1. jervaise brooke hamsterApril 17, 2013 at 6:15 PM

    Two posters for Lemora ! ! !, still i dont blame ya` my old mate, Cheryl 'Rainbeaux' Smith was truly incredible when she was 18, the bird was the proverbial 'Dream-Come-True'.

  2. This is uncanny Phantom, a week or two ago I ordered a blu ray of a movie I have purchased a ridiculous number of times and wrote a post on the subject. I'm just waiting for the disc to arrive to be able to share it. As I'm sure you realise, I have a very similar mindset as far as a number of these films are concerned. Oh for the opportunity to buy a different release of A Hero Never Dies to replace the shitty Universe dvd!

    I adore Lost Highway, what versions do you have? Is there a better disc available than the UK blu ray?

  3. Hero --

    Sorry, some confusion from me re: editions. Just took quick looks at all 3 again.

    UK brighter, but grainier, too. French is the best one, just as French DVD of LH was best.

    Japanese pretty decent. UK not the best. Excuse my quick previous reply.

    Hero -- I haven't read your post on this (I've been away fro a few days), but I'll get to it.

    I despair about HERO NEVER DIES. I had heard there IS no existing negative. Surely there are IP's or IN's somewhere? Did the producers just turf them out? Surely not. But, if not, why the crappy DVD that never gets replaced? Any non-HK dvd's that you know of? France?

  4. The blu ray to finish off the post hasn't arrived as yet, so keep an eye out for it sometime soon!

    Thanks for the info on the Lost Highway releases, I'll definitely consider an upgrade when funds allow.

    As for Hero Never Dies, the only other releases I know of are a German and Italian one which I haven't seen. I asked an Italian ebay seller if the disc was anamorphic and he said it was, but that the quality was still terrible. I may give it a go anyway if we don't see another release soon, it surely can't be any worse. The French and Japanese don't seem to have ever had a release, which is unusual for a To film. It rarely gets a screening at To retrospectives either, but there is certainly a print somewhere, as it was shown at a relatively recent one. I'm not sure how it would have looked theatrically, but one of my biggest regrets is being in HK when the film was first released and not going to see it due to not knowing what it was. What a fuck up!

  5. You've hit upon a pertinent topic here, as NFOH addiciton is something I definitely share. I've given up on purchasing new DVD/blu ray editions of films like THE KILLER, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, ZOMBIE and RINGU (in all cases I got tired of being ripped off), but there exist quite a few others that continue to drain my wallet. It helps of course if a film exists in several different cuts, as is the case with THE DEVILS and Elem Klimov's AGONY, which explains the many different versions of each I've got lying around.

    Beyond that my own listing of such films would include VIDEODROME, SZAMANKA, DEADLY MARIA, IRRESVERSIBLE, THE TIN DRUM (I've even got a Korean DVD version that comes in, appropriately enough, a tin case), THE BABY OF MACON, THE CREMATOR, REPULSION, THE COLOR OF POMOGRANATES, PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, DOBERMANN (not my favorite movie, but trying to find a version that's a). widescreen, b). subtitled, c). uncut and d). of decent quality has necessitated the purchase of at least four or five versions), my dad's movie BIGGLES, the Uli Edel films CHRISTIANE F. and LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN, and Jodorowsky's EL TOPO, HOLY MOUNTAIN and SANTA SANGRE.

    Also, that's some mighty striking LOST HIGHWAY promo art you found.

  6. A Hero -- I saw A HERO NEVER DIES at a cinema in Melbourne and the print was very solid. I have no idea why the elements seem to have been mismanaged. It's weird that it hasn't been released in key territories for To movies.

    Funny how you missed it.


    Adamrg -- I like your list of obsessions. No idea why stuff like IRREVERSIBLE and I STAND ALONE isn't on Blu. A tin case for THE TIN DRUM? Sounds interesting.

    Any luck recently with BIGGLES?

    Sorry for this delayed moderation on this post. I've been frantic.