Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sexy By Saeki

Three more from a true Modern Master.

Timothty Leary said of Saeki: "Toshio (Saeki), World Wide Wizard, weaves webs of designed dementia. (He is a) wise, gentle, precise, chaotic, erotic engineer."

At least once a week, I sit down for fifteen minutes and lose myself in these strikingly transgressive images.

They are a potent antidote to the blandness that surrounds us and attempts to engulf us.

The exquisite, off-kilter eroticism has a gentle, persuasive voice.


  1. Indeed it is, Nick, and thanks for being an accomplice to his art.

    I have posted three or four times before, so if you type Saeki into the Search box, you will be able to unearth some more.

  2. I always appreciate these posts. Phenomenal.

  3. Love his work. I have a bunch of Saeki scans and such I've collected over time. These look a little more polished though. Thanks!