Thursday, August 13, 2009

Son of the Top 22

In choosing my top twenty-two films of the past twenty-two years in yesterday's blog...

...I had to ignore many that were deserving of the distinction.

Without further ado, here are the second and final twenty-two.

A truly foul, almost impossible to watch chunk of horror ripped from the internet.

The horror of dysfunction, and the perverse joy.

One of the grimmest, most unrelenting movies I have ever seen.

From Gasper Noe, the director of Irreversible.

Bizarre and uneasy splatter horror from Japan.

From a great horror novel was born a great horror film.

Obscure French horror film that really packs a punch.

Great pic horror flick that is not shy.

Epic half hour short exploring the limits of on-screen horror.

Nihilistic shocker from the director of the All Night Long series.

Superbly atmospheric Thai horror film about a child murderer. Grisly, graphic, and compelling.

Rob Zombie's poem to silver screen nihilism.

Bizarre and moody rural horror from France.

Although I found the ending a little too convoluted for its own good, it's pure horror, nonetheless.

Simple premise. Winning execution.

A return to the ero-gro of the 70's and 80's. Hideous and shocking.

I'm close to alone on this, but I find Marcus Nispel's remake to be a love letter to the grotesque (painted in glorious white light and shimmering scarlet).

Steve Jablonsky's score sounds like it is piped from hell itself.

Low budget shocker sticks to its guns right to the end.

Finally, an Aussie horror flick that isn't ashamed of itself.

Nothing terribly original, but a great contemporary answer to Wake in Fright.

A filthy, pus-filled wallow in muck. Which is a good thing.

One of the sources of the current torture porn genre is a knock-out.

Nothing funny about this at all. That's why it's here.

Tim Roth's directorial debut finds horror at home. It has an erection and it's called Dad.


Buddy Giovinazzo's Maniac 2 - Mr. Robbie (which has no poster art)


  1. Another great list. Many of these seem to be very divisive among genre fans.

    I've really got to see Dark Love: Rape. It's crossed my radar several times now and I keep forgetting about it. The second and third All Night Long films are the epitome of nihilistic sleaze.

    I saw Vinyan a few months back and was reminded of several of your posts on weak-willed men being manipulated by pushy cunts. It was quite a departure from Calvaire but every bit as stark and grim.

    If you've not seen it yet I'd suggest Rovdyr. It's a gritty, gruesome backwoods thriller--Most Dangerous Game meets Hunter's Blood. Not highly original, but it packs the goods.

    I'm keen to see No Moriré Sola as well.

  2. Hey Mark really enjoying your blog, u forgot the rocco docco tho a masterpiece beyond words! Cam

  3. Cam -- How could I possibly forget that? Makes me clench my fist with pleasure just thinking about it. Thanks for dropping by.


    d -- Must catch Vinyan. I will track down Rovdyr.

    As for No Morire Sola, it is my current holy grail. I can't find it anywhere, altho it's probably available on torrents (which I've never used).

    Coventry's review on imdb filled me with excitement.

    If you have access, let me know via phantom email (which I just sent to your Y***s account

  4. Your last list was great, but I can get into this one a little more...maybe because I've seen most of the movies on this list. You've got some real gems here and they all leave a deep impact on the ol' psyche.

  5. Rev -- Thanks. You make a good point about these leaving a deep impact on the psyche. That's why horror-comedies aren't there. Some are great (like SHAUN), but they're not "horror films". And I didn't put stuff in just because it made an impact on the industry or the genre in general. It's just stuff that personally affected me.

  6. Just reading your descriptions of these films makes me feel uneasy. Haha. I've seen about half of these and I'm not sure I want to see the other half, but a nice list nontheless.

  7. B-MB -- thanks for stopping by. These are all pretty intense movies (none are big on laughs).

  8. jervaise brooke hamsterAugust 18, 2009 at 8:31 AM

    Phantom, i was just wondering if you knew what was going on over at "Soiled Sinema"?, they haven`t reveiwed any films for 3 months, i`m beginning to miss them because they always used to publish every comment i submitted to their site no matter how pathetic, absurd, or objectionable they were. Have you read their reveiw of "Poltergeist 3"? they even put my name on it to show how much i love Heather!!!.

  9. jbh -- I was wondering the same thing and did shoot an email to them. They didn't reply. I like that site.

  10. jervaise brooke hamsterAugust 18, 2009 at 9:13 AM

    Is there any other way to get in contact with them?, we`ve already lost Ash Karreau and "the 16mm shrine" it would be such a shame if an equally brilliant site like "Soiled Sinema" bit the dust as well.

  11. "I Stand Alone" is a remarkable film. I'm glad to see someone else in the world feels that way too.

  12. I saw Funny Games when I was a teenager and was fascinated.
    Ihe actors were so convincenly. Totally pure.
    I saw the remake and was frustrated, why have they taken such model-like actors. It wasn't the same. And why have they done a remake after all?The first one was magnificent.