Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Collectors Well Worth Collecting

Two films called The Collector.

Both good.

The latest, from director Marcus Dunstan, has the whiff of Saw, but it transcends its inspiration with a novel set-up, a claustrophobic atmosphere, real suspense, and brutal on- and off-screen violence.

It also has a killer sound mix and industrial score that, I suspect, was influenced by Japan's Evil Dead Trap.

Before it leaves theaters, try to catch it.

If you haven't seen the the '65 original, which has no relation to Dunstan's film, but is based on a great novel by John Fowles, make a bee-line for your video store or go directly to your favorite on-line DVD retailer.

It is an extraordinary thriller directed by William Wyler who also made The Heiress, Dead End, and Ben Hur, among many others.

It should be as well known and respected as Psycho. In many ways, it has been much more influential.


  1. Hey Phantom,

    Glad to hear you liked Dunstan's Collector. I'm not a fan of the modern torture genre, but I found much to admire about this film. Nice set-up, great lead actor, the '90s industrial score and I thought it was all stylish enough to just work. And it made me very interested to see what Dunstan will do next.

    I've never heard of Wyler's Collector, but I'll have to check it out sometime.

  2. I quite liked the relentless grue and dark, moody look and sound design of The Collector. Surprisingly good stuff.

  3. I loved the collector 09. Excellent feel to it. Made things cool with slow mo and even has some badass kills in it. I have not seen the other one though lol

  4. I enjoyed The Collector as well. I'm always down for an industrial score. :)I'll check out the '65 one. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Mike -- I'm not a 'Saw' fan, but 'The Collector' distinguished itself.


    d -- agreed. Sound played a huge role in it.


    The Man -- agreed. Do try the other 'Collector'; it's very subtle, but it's great.


    B-MB -- Yes, the industrial score "rocked" (if that's allowed). You should enjoy the old 'Collector'. It's been copied many times.