Friday, April 23, 2010

Terror of the Autons

I've been a Dr. Who fan since about 1968, and my passion for the show has never waned; it's been tested, but I've never lost my love for the concept, surely one of the greatest TV/Sci-Fi concepts of all time (sorry, Star Trek).

Anyway, before older Who fans like myself were able to collect VHS's and DVD's of the show, we collected the great novelizations, the majority of which were written by Terrance Dicks.

Not yet on BBC DVD, but, like the Loch
Ness Monster, it will arrive eventually

Quite deliberately, I don't write about Who too much on this blog because there are already thousands of people blogging about and reviewing every conceivable aspect of the show.

The above DVD cover recently caught my eye because I wasn't aware that it was on DVD yet. I'm quite anal about what's available and what isn't, so when I saw this handsome cover, I nearly fainted with celebratory joy.

The Autons are big favorites of mine, as are Zygons, Silurians, and Sontarans. I have always been a plastic fanatic, so these synthetic, doll-like villains, a creation of the Nestenes, are right up my alley.

A young Zygon appears to share my teenage
fetish for Tom Baker's scarf

I have 'Spearhead From Space', a great Pertwee installment featuring the Nestene's plastic puppets, but 'Terror of the Autons' has been MIA on DVD.

Until now.

Well, I'm unhappy to report that this fine Auton story is not, in fact, available on DVD.

The cover art above has been created by a talented fan of the show, and what an amazing job he's done. He certainly fooled me.

Surely the BBC will release this on DVD soon. Until then, stay frustrated as you ogle a wonderful cover of a DVD that exists only in the future.


  1. The glory of online Netflix has allowed me and my wife to stream countless Dr. Who DVD's recently. We have been bouncing around the series like mad and I have to say that the Pertwee episodes have been delightful. The man oozes sexual charisma and Jo in her blue shag carpet coat is eye candy.

    I find it almost reassuring to know that you are a Who fan too.

  2. Shon -- yes, there are so many Who eps available now that it is a type of Golden Age. Although Baker (Tom, not Colin) is still my favorite, Pertwee comes a close second. And as for the delicious Jo... "shag" is definitely a word that comes to mind.

    Huge Who fan I am... of the old and new. I haven't warmed to Matt Smith yet, though. Not sure if I will.