Monday, April 12, 2010

Snuff 'N' Stuff

Snuff, which this is a poster for, is a shocking stinker of a movie, but what a stunner of an alternative poster.

Very much a spot of thievery from the Bondage House book line.

If Michael and Roberta Findlay's '76 video nasty (a totally unwarranted honor) had featured content anything like the above pulp paperback covers, Snuff's notoriety would have been well deserved.

Instead, the final film (mostly culled from a '71 effort called The Slaughter) is a yawn-inducing bore with a bit of nudity, some violence, and terrible production values.

Marketed as a film featuring a real on-screen murder, it cleaned up at the grindhouse and became a legend.

Pre-internet, it's not hard to see how this could have happened.

The Findlays definitely deserve kudos for such a brilliant PR campaign; they took advantage of gullible audiences, some of whom are still being fooled today by films like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity.

Incidentally, another two or three suckers have been born while you've been reading this.

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